Are these real James Bond movies or did we make them up?

Did the Bond series really have titles like 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' and 'The Spy that Escaped?'

“Bond. James Bond.”

It’s one of the most recognizable names in spy-movie history, partly because there are 27 films that relate in some way to the Agent 007 code name.

From the Sean Connery films that started it all to the most recent movies starring Daniel Craig to those featuring Rodger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan in between, this movie series has been around for 60 years.

All those years add up to several movie titles.

It’s time for you to take this Bond quiz. The mission? Decide if the movie title we give you is an actual Bond film, or one we altered and made up.

Good luck!

  1. The Man with the Golden Gun
  2. A View to A Kill
  3. Live While You Can
  4. Licence to Kill
  5. From America with Love
  6. Diamonds Aren’t Forever
  7. GoldenEye
  8. The Spy Who Loved Me
  9. Goldmember
  10. You Only Live Once
  11. Thunderball
  12. Dr. No
  13. Bond. Is. Back.
  14. The Living Daylights
  15. Live and Let Die
  16. There’s No Tomorrow
  17. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  18. The Spy that Escaped
  19. Moonraker
  20. Sky Race

Are these real James Bond movies or did we make them up?

Your Result...

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meeko9 18 days ago
20/20 Sean Connery as Bond....yummy
PulsarStargrave 29 days ago
PERFECTO and no, that's not one either, that was by MEL GIBSON....or is it?
TZ_TAGS_59NC 1 month ago
19/20... seems like a JB movie was released every year in the 80's & 90's so we celebrated like any other holiday. It was fun.
Granny 1 month ago
20 out of 20. And I don’t even like James Bond movies!
Beatseeker Granny 1 month ago
me also... never seen one! but i knew the songs...(20/20)
geisler2 1 month ago
19 out of 20 not bad...(lol)...
scp 1 month ago
20 out of 20. One of them was an Austin Powers movie.
Spock123 1 month ago
19/20 on Bond, James Bond. How did I miss one? Well, gonna watch the one I missed. Tim Randolph-California
Michael 1 month ago
Does this mean James Bond is coming to MeTV?
RichLorn Michael 1 month ago
Doubtful, unless MeTV is planning to produce a new game show called Baccarat.
rstuv 1 month ago
20/20, not very hard. I think I remember a scene from Thunderball when it came out in theaters in 1964. I would have been only two years old!
Michael rstuv 1 month ago
I must have seen the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, but I have no direct memory.

I do recall emulating them on my Mickey Mouse guitar. And we were in that apartment at the time.
rstuv rstuv 1 month ago
Correction, 1965 and I was three.
KellyTenace 1 month ago
I've never seen at least two thirds of these, but I still got a perfect 20 for 20. That's the power of marketing and advertising.
b 1 month ago
Being an oldster, I saw the originals at the movie theater, starting from Dr. No through the franchise. I was glad to see them that way. Since there was no internet at the beginning, you were surprised at the technology you could only read about in Popular Science magazines then. 007's car in Goldfinger blew me away. I was ten and bought a handheld metal replica of the car (korgi) with a working ejector seat, back iron bullet deflector and hidden machine guns all with a push of a button. My friend and I waited patiently through the end credits to see the announcement of the next Bond movie name. We were guessing what big music group/star would do the opening song at the time. But I never read any of the books. As an older gent, I have some of those early books, the car, and the original movie albums on vinyl Shirley Bassey's voice with Goldfinger is one of my favorite. Can't forget the tumbling bouncing shadowed nudity of the girls at the beginning credits during the opening songs. Dr No was the only movie without a major song but just used the 007 theme by John Berry, a masterpiece by itself. Even today, when you hear the original guitar string riff, you are reminded of Bond, James Bond.
Michael b 1 month ago
Dr. No has "Three Blind Mice".

It's interesting that it's different from the later films. More like a traditional spy film. The agent in Bermuda, the radio, fewer gadgets.
RichLorn b 1 month ago
You're both right. The Dr No theme was the 007 theme. It then faded into the calypso-styled Three Blind Mice as the movie began. I too always waited for the closing credits to see what the next Bond movie would be. It was part of the fun.
Andy 1 month ago
Missed "License To Kill", thinking it was one of the books and not a movie. Turns out it's with Timothy Dalton, my least favorite of the Bonds.
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