Collector's Call with Lisa Whelchel returns with a brand-new fourth season on April 2nd

In this 26-episode season, host Lisa Whelchel once again takes us through some staggering collections... and offers the collector a tempting trade.

Collectors, break out your action figures, lunch boxes and video games, because Collector's Call is returning to MeTV with an all-new season of memorabilia treasure troves!

Lisa Whelchel, fondly remembered for her role as Blair on The Facts of Life, returns as the host for the fourth season, which arrives on MeTV on Sunday, April 2 at 6:30P | 5:30C! In each half-hour episode, Lisa will go into the home of a collector with an expert appraiser, exploring the treasures each collector has gathered over the years and hearing the stories behind them.

Each episode, our collector will be offered a trade between a beloved item of their collection and a brand-new coveted trophy. Will they make the trade? It's the collector's call!

This season viewers will meet an aviation collector whose real 747 has been featured on the big and small screen, a female vintage handheld video game collector who holds not one, but two Guinness World Records, and a Barbie collector from Austin, TX with a collection that spans across generations.

We've got a real blast of a premiere episode for you — Rich Correll, who started as a child actor in Leave It to Beaver before finding success behind the camera, including his co-creation of the hit Disney series Hannah Montana, shows off his massive collection of horror and sci-fi props and costumes. His collection, which includes everything from the original raptor from Jurassic Park (1993) and the coveted, highly valuable original Xenomorph costume from Alien (1979) makes Collector's Call history as the highest-value collection seen yet! But will he trade one of his beloved Hollywood items for a remnant of his childhood? Tune in to find out!

Can't wait for April 2 to get your Collector's Call fix? Play Collector's Call Shuffle in the MeTV arcade now!

Watch Collector's Call on MeTV!

Sundays at 6:30 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
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JHP 11 months ago
I think collectors call should go on the road to Lake Mead before it gets to normal capacity
JeffPaul76 11 months ago
I'll have to watch the season premiere on Sunday if I remember. I catch it every now and then. But it's not one of my favorite shows. Kind of boring sometimes.
aaronross01 11 months ago
Lisa is wonderful on the show. To bad MeTV was taken off Dish, but happy to watch on the app. Congratulations on a new season.
dmirarh 11 months ago
I'm so glad the show is back on. Love Lisa in anything. I too would like to see the show have a permanent slot.
LtColumbo 11 months ago
This show needs a permanent slot, there must be enough episodes to fill the schedule. I wouldn't mind revisiting old episodes at all.
top_cat_james_1 11 months ago
Will this be the season they finally cover a comic book collection?
harlow1313 11 months ago
I have been a bit surprised at the negative comments regarding "All in the Family." If nothing else, it can be watched as an interesting time capsule, and I can't forget that in its original run, it had our country's attention.

Archie Bunker was based on Peter Boyle's hippie killer character in the counter-culture film, "Joe." Like Dragnet's Blue Boy, we high-school fellows studied "Joe" in minute detail.
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harlow1313 MrsPhilHarris 11 months ago
Here is something I know. It never fails to make me a hit at cocktail parties.

The Director Ed Wood, while a WWII marine invading a Japanese island, said, "I wasn't afraid of dying, but I was afraid of being wounded. I was afraid they would discover my panties and bra."

Imagine that. Note that, as you may know, Wood wrote and directed the infamous, "Plan 9 From Outer Space."

MaryMitch harlow1313 11 months ago
It doesn't surprise me. I don't complain - I just don't watch - but in general the show did not age well. (And I never missed a show during its original run.)

And in general, MeTV viewers don't want shows that make them think; they want simple entertainment.
JeffPaul76 MrsPhilHarris 11 months ago
It was, and they were, and Harlow1313 is wrong, when he said it was based on a movie called "Joe" that most of us have never heard of, or watched.
Pacificsun 11 months ago
Yay! That eliminates at least one of the too many AITF episodes.
Pacificsun 11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
nd1irish 11 months ago
🎶 You take the good, you take the bad. You take them both and there you have…Collector’s Call…Collector’s Call 🎶
Bricat2001 11 months ago
Suprised that this season is coming early, i thought metv useually puts new episodes out during summer of me.
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Pacificsun Coldnorth 11 months ago
I believe true "streaming" is what you "order" (request) and pay for. Meaning it's exclusive to those members (subscribers). Whereas a channel (and those offering a network, like MeTV) are paid for (indirectly) through Cable. And certain capabilities of YouTube (when paid for). Whereas most channels, if in the vicinity, can be obtained through OTA access. And are made available through the largest of the broadcasting networks' (affiliates). For the reasons of transmission strength, and programming opportunity and producing their own content.

I wait for all the corrections, no worries 😉
Pacificsun JHP 11 months ago
I don't know about LA, a huge marketplace, but locally Decades was available through a Fox outlet. Then MeTV replaced it with H&I. And included H&I into its portfolio of Weigel programming. But the original Decades was really interesting with an array of broad programming. And wonderful Binges, when they would, for the same Series, twice year. It might've been OTA, but never came up through the Channel Scanning to show me which number.
Coldnorth Pacificsun 11 months ago
I have quite a few streaming.. paramount+ etc so I just assumed there are tons of others I haven’t looked for. I asked because it’s easier for me not having to look. Thanks for the info. I am not sure what the last sentence means tho. You wait for corrections? From me? It was a question I asked and you answered it for me. Thanks for the info
JHP Pacificsun 11 months ago
That's the way I see it also - every one and their mother does streaming thru their phone sometimes (which I cannot see - pardon the pun when they got the 80" tv at home) and it's not that cheap - it's fraught with data charges
Andybandit 11 months ago
I like this show. Far better than 2 episodes of TAGS.
JHP 11 months ago
this show is to me what sventoonie is the others
mano-man so useless
LoveMETV22 11 months ago
Yeah. Very happy to see "Collector's Call" is returning to MeTV with an all-new season. Great show. It would be nice after October 1st if the show could remain on the Sunday night schedule, even if there rebroadcasts, as some may not have seen all the episodes. Glad to see a fourth season.
Bricat2001 LoveMETV22 11 months ago
I agree, they have enough episodes to reair them
Mblack 11 months ago
Nothing says spring like Collector's Call.
Coldnorth Mblack 11 months ago
Spring is a long way away for me. About 4 feet of snow still on the ground.
Rob Coldnorth 11 months ago
I escaped the cold Wisconsin Winters years ago, I live in southern Arizona now and don’t miss the cold winter and early spring at all!
Coldnorth Rob 11 months ago
Ready to face that snow again in about 3 weeks. The extreme heat bothers me more than extreme cold. Like escaping the cold for awhile but ready to go back home
Rob Coldnorth 11 months ago
I got climatized to hot climates in the military. I can’t handle extremely cold winters anymore.
Coldnorth Rob 11 months ago
I can understand that. My problem is I do not drink enough water. It’s a bad habit in the heat trying to drink more
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