The Happy Days sequel you never expected is now available in bookstores

Find it in the myster-aaaaayyyyy section.

We were at the library this past weekend, browsing the spines in the New Mystery section, when a certain title jumped out at us. Yes, we still go to the library. We pulled out the hardback. "Who Killed the Fonz?" asked the book jacket (which also happened to be wearing a leather jacket).

Huh. Was this some cute metaphorical question? A novel about a detective nostalgic for the 1970s? Oh no, it was literally about Fonzie — and his murder. 

James Boice's Who Killed the Fonz? takes place in 1984. "Richard Cunningham," Hollywood screenwriter, learns that his old high school pal, Arthur Fonzarelli, is dead. The middle-aged greaser lost control of his motorcyle and crashed into a guardrail. But the circumstances are suspicious. Richard heads home to Milwaukee, reconnects with his friends Potsie and Ralph, and tries to solve the mystery of who killed Fonzie.

The reader learns that "Richard" has two kids with Lori Beth and an Oscar nomination from a screenplay he wrote. Also, nobody back in Wisconsin takes this whole "Richard" name thing seriously.

The quick read operates on several levels of nostalgia. Set in the mid-'80s (actually, the very year Happy Days ended), it is riddled with Reagan-era references. And of course, it is appealing to fans nostalgic for the '70s — for a show that was pining for the good ol' days of the '50s. Obviously, the mystery is rich with references to Happy Days as well. For example, the funeral home is the very same one from the "Fonzie's Funeral" episodes.

Happy Days novels are nothing new. Back when the sitcom aired, eight licensed tie-in novels were published. In those drugstore paperbacks, Fonzie fought a biker gang and went to college. In fact, this new book has some plot points in common with No. 7, Dear Fonzie….

Despite its dark overtones, this new, somewhat official piece of fan-fiction wraps up in a somewhat Happy Days manner. Spoiler alert: It wasn't the shark.

Who Killed the Fonz? is available now from Simon & Schuster.

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HerbF 50 months ago
The book leaves a lot to be desired - it's full of continuity errors that shows the writer didn't do enough research - They'd never let a STAR TREK novel be published with these types of errors.
RedjacArbez 50 months ago
My vote is Leather Tuscadro.....
1) Mob enforcer. 2) Mob enforcer, 3) She whacked Squiggy!!!
4) Motive...who cares it is only a story.
Deleted 63 months ago
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elf_wand 62 months ago
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m4moon 63 months ago
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elf_wand m4moon 62 months ago
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Deleted 63 months ago
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elf_wand 62 months ago
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Barry22 63 months ago
It was his nephew Spike, Sticks the drummer, and Bag of the demons.
MrsPhilHarris 63 months ago
It was me. Pay back for running out of town Chuck, Marsha, Bag and the others from the early seasons.
cperrynaples 63 months ago
Well, I'll unmask the murderer! It was...Chuck Cunningham! Clearly, the garage apartment was always intended for him and not for Fonzie! He was particullarly resentful that not only was he not invited to his sister's wedding, he found out his father had disowned him when he gave the wedding toast! Of course this drove Chuck over the edge...After all Fonzie had the life Chuck was supposed to have!!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 63 months ago
PS Chuck also killed his father [not a spoiler since Howard's death is revealed early in the real book]!
harlow1313 cperrynaples 63 months ago
I sure hope he also kills Chachi.
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