Gobble up 17 behind-the-scenes photos of classic TV shows celebrating Thanksgiving

Because it's not the holiday with Carol Brady and Mister Ed dressed as pilgrims.

Images: The Everett Collection

Turkey Day is here once again, so we've stuffed this page full of television stars celebrating Thanksgiving. What better way to get in the mood than flipping through the past, seeing the likes of Joanie Cunningham, Carol Brady and Carol Burnett dressed as pilgrims? 

Even the animals got into the act, with Lassie and Mister Ed posing for a holiday pic. The turkeys, of course, were less fortunate.

Stroll down memory lane as actors from classic TV shows give thanks.

The Brady Bunch

Image: The Everett Collection

Carol and Mike had that stoic Puritan look down pat for Greg's student documentary in the outstanding episode "The Un-Underground Movie."

Happy Days

Image: The Everett Collection

Erin Moran looks ready to join the Rockettes in the parade.


Image: The Everett Collection

Darryl and Darryl join their brother Larry, hiding behind that scarecrow outfit.

The Addams Family

Image: The Everett Collection

Gomez pets the gobbler in this family holiday portrait.

Mister Ed

Image: The Everett Collection

There may have not had horses on the Mayflower, but there were certainly horses around for the first Thanksgiving. Whether or not they wore hats is up for debate.

The Danny Kaye Show

Image: The Everett Collection

Kaye was no stranger to holiday celebrations, having starred in White Christmas. He didn't even need a helping hand in carving the turkey. 

The Garry Moore Show

Image: The Everett Collection

Take a closer look at the pilgrim standing on the left side of the table — that's a young Carol Burnett in 1961!


Image: The Everett Collection

Lassie wasn't getting any scraps or leftovers. That wonder dog probably got first dibs on the meat. 

The Waltons

Image: The Everett Collection

The cast strikes a pose for 1982's A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain.

The Frank Sinatra Show

Image: The Everett Collection

Ol' Blue Eyes carved the bird for his 1950 television series.

Archie Bunker's Place

Image: The Everett Collection

The Bunkers had more mouths to feed in this spin-off series.

The George Gobel Show

Image: The Everett Collection

Comedian George Gobel met a bird we'll call "George Gobble" for his 1954–60 series.

Hee Haw

Image: The Everett Collection

Grandpa Jones and Minnie Pearl brought plenty of corn pone to the table.

Too Close for Comfort

Image: The Everett Collection

Ted Knight sat at the head of the table when celebrating with his co-stars.

Roy Rogers

Image: The Everett Collection

The cowboy icon might have had his own chain of Roy Rogers Restaurants, but he was eating Thanksgiving with his family.

Faye Emerson

Image: The Everett Collection

Dubbed "The First Lady of Television," Emerson was a frequent guest on To Tell The Truth and I've Got a Secret. She was seemingly a poultry grader.

Anson Williams, Tony Randall and Bob Crane

Image: The Everett Collection

Thanksgiving brought together actors from Happy Days, The Odd Couple and Hogan's Heroes (along with E.J. Peaker) for a very 1970s special.

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LarryAJacobsen 20 months ago
If Bob Crane were an Indian he woulda been Navaho and live in a hogan.
phillychristian 20 months ago
If you look at the Garry Moore, scene, Jonathan Winters is opposite Carol Burnett.
SheriHeffner 20 months ago
On Archie Bunkers Place, he upset the entire family on his rant about Mike.
KevinButler 20 months ago
I was lucky enough to meet and work with Mr.Ed McMahon on"Alf's Hit Talk Show"..his last regular tv assignment in 2004.
Greg 68 months ago
Seeing Florence Henderson dressed like that makes me think of her in Weird Al video Amish Paradise. If you never seen it it's funny
Puppy 69 months ago
I think all paul henning holiday shows were great ! From oldest to later ones. Not the holiday spirit without seeing ALL these classic shows from childhood.
Puppy 69 months ago
I know there are so many, i love beverly hilbillies holiday episodes and all paul henning holliday shows. Side splitting. Who agrees ?
maredawg 69 months ago
Where's the Bewitched episode where they travel back in time with the Pilgrims?
Warren maredawg 69 months ago
Montgomery was so hot. In any outfit.
daDoctah 69 months ago
We need the one from the Bob Newhart Show where the guys all get drunk, forget to defrost the turkey ("we'll just heat it to two thousand degrees!" "the dial only goes up to five hundred" "no problem, we'll use four ovens!"), and end up ordering Chinese food delivered to "Durr Robert Hartley...Durr!...dee arr period!"
wanderer2575 daDoctah 63 months ago
"More Moo-Goo to go!"

And, of course, when Emily shows up unexpectedly: "Hi, Emily, what's happening?"
SalIanni 69 months ago
You forgot the best one of all, the Beverly Hillbillies and friends:

MrsPhilHarris SalIanni 69 months ago
Poor Jethro. Always the clown.
harlow1313 MrsPhilHarris 69 months ago
Clown? Really? Need I remind you he was a double-naught spy and international playboy?
harlow1313 69 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Puppy harlow1313 69 months ago
Dont forget inventor, boy genius ! He done gradueeated clear up 6 th grade highest in his class.
Dario MrsPhilHarris 44 months ago
Yeah...a clueless one! 😆😆😆😆😊
MrsPhilHarris harlow1313 44 months ago
MrsPhilHarris 69 months ago
I wonder if some of the old ones are available on-line.
DawnGraham 69 months ago
The Brady pilgrim movie is one of my favorite episodes
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