'Show Biz Babies' were the coolest and creepiest dolls of the 1960s

What did Hasbro do to Mama Cass and Davy Jones?

As Beatlemania swept across the country in the 1960s, so too did the hoards of products featuring the musicians. You could find John, Paul, George and Ringo's face on everything from board games and lunch boxes to candy and T-shirts.

Quick to emulate the success of this merchandise, Hasbro created "Show Biz Babies," which were miniscule dolls modeled after some of the hippest musicians of the day.

These weren't just any little dolls, though. Every square inch of the packaging contained something special, whether it was the psychedelic cover art on the front, or the autographed photo of the singers on the back.

Even better, the products included a "groovy" 33 1/3 record that told a story about the doll's personality. If you were a pint-sized fan of these rock groups in the late '60s, these dolls were a gift from above. 

Hasbro modeled dolls after 12 musicians, all of which appear below. If you're so fortunate as to have these lying around, you're in luck. Dolls in the original packaging can go for about $100 on eBay, and an entire collection can fetch you four figures.

Did you remember playing with these baby rock acts growing up?

The Monkees

Davy Jones

Micky Dolenz

Michael Nesmith

Peter Tork

The Mamas and the Papas

John Phillips

Denny Doherty

"Mama Cass" Elliot

Michelle Phillips

Bobbie Gentry

Spencer Davis

Mitch Ryder

Peter Noone

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