Photos: Lynda Carter's got a lucky outfit she keeps wearing to Stanley Cup games

Apparently, she's a massive Washington Capitals fan.

If you're the kind of sports fan who has any sort of superstitious routine when the regular season winds down and your team makes it within an inch of a championship, it turns out you have a lot in common with TV Wonder Woman Lynda Carter.

As a massive Washington Capitals fan, she's been front row cheering her team on as they pursue the Stanley Cup. Tomorrow's game could clinch it for the Caps, and that's exactly what Wonder Woman wants, which is why she's been wearing the same outfit for the past two games and has no plans to change it up (despite her famous many costume changes on her show). In an interview with The Washington Post, she said, “I’m wearing the same pants, the same shirt, the same jewelry, and my hair exactly the same. I’m keeping it the same.”

Thanks to social media, all this cuteness and sports enthusiasm has been captured:

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