More people prefer Star Wars, but Star Trek fans make more money

A new survey heats up the old Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate.

The Star Wars versus Star Trek debate has been raging for four decades. Well, there's been detente in recent years, considering both film franchises fell under the creative direction of J.J. Abrams. Frankly, we love both and think that's totally normal. 

But still! Star Trek versus Star Wars remains an argument; it's the Beatles or Stones of sci-fi.

PayScale Human Capital polled 4,308 people. The survey asked a simple question: "Do you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek?" PayScale being a business concerned with income, it also gathered data on the salaries of those who participated. Tapping its database of more than 50 million individual salary profiles, PayScale released its findings on Star Wars Day, May the Fourth. The results are pretty fascinating.

46% of those surveyed prefered Star Wars.

14% percent prefered Star Trek.

Okay, Trekkies, you're losing that battle like the Bajorans in the Kendra Valley Massacre. 14% also asked, "What's the difference?" An equal percentage said, "I love them both," while 12% declared, "I hate them both." Well then.

However, Trek lovers do have one major bragging right — Trekkies make more money.

The median pay for Star Trek fans was $53,300, while Star Wars fans had a median of $50,700. Those who hate both earn the least, with a medium of $44,200.

Forbes turned the data into a nifty infographic.

I think we learned a lesson here. Loving science-fiction helps the bottom line, but watching Star Trek leads to more money. Right? Remind us to thank PayScale for the great motivation to watch Star Trek as part of MeTV's Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night.

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