MeTV remembers Betty White

MeTV celebrates the life and career of Betty White with some of her best TV appearances

Pioneer. Icon. Trailblazer. There's a lot of words that could be used to describe Betty White and her incredible career that spanned over eight decades. It says a lot about how loved she was that people think 99 years old was "too soon."

MeTV will be remembering Betty White by celebrating some of her iconic TV appearances. We start with one of her best-known roles, that of "the Happy Homemaker," perky Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. White earned two Emmys for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for the role, with an additional nomination after the show's final season. We've picked out some of the best episodes that highlight Sue Ann and Betty White's incredible comedic talent.

Following The Mary Tyler Moore Show, you can see Betty White as the haughty socialite Betty Harper-Jackson on Mama's Family. Then, Betty White sets sail on The Love Boat.

It all starts this Sunday, January 9, at 2P | 1C.

MeTV Tribute – Sunday, January 9th (2pm–6pm Eastern/Pacific)

2PM | 1C – The Mary Tyler Moore Show - “The Lars Affair”
(Season 4, Episode 1 - first aired Sep 15, 1973)
Phyllis struggles to accept the idea that her husband, Lars, might be having an affair with the saccharine Sue Ann Nivens, host of WJM’s The Happy Homemaker.

2:30PM | 1:30C – The Mary Tyler Moore Show - “What Do you Want to Do When You Produce”
(Season 6, Episode 15 - first aired Dec 20, 1975)
When Sue Ann needs a new producer for her show, The Happy Homemaker, Murray jumps at it - thinking it a chance to 'step up,' and get a salary increase. Only after agreeing does he find out working for Sue Ann, who wants him to call her 'Miss Nivens,' is a step down.

3PM | 2C – The Mary Tyler Moore Show - “Once I Had a Secret Love”
(Season 6, Episode 18 - first aired Jan 17, 1976)
Lou spends the night with Sue Ann and Mary can't keep the secret.

3:30PM | 2:30C – The Mary Tyler Moore Show - “Sue Ann’s Sister”
(Season 7, Episode 3 - first aired Oct 9, 1976)
Sue Ann's sister gets an offer to do a rival cooking show in Minneapolis.

4PM | 3C – Mama’s Family - “Country Club”
(Season 2, Episode 3 – first aired Oct 20, 1983)
Ellen's (Betty White) news that she's been named "Woman of the Year" by the Raytown Country Club doesn't interest the family until they all receive invitations to the awards dinner. Once there, the Harpers do their utmost to disrupt the formal affair.

4:30PM | 3:30C – Mama’s Family - “Ellen’s Boyfriend”
(Season 2, Episode 7 – first aired Nov 17, 1983)
Ellen's (Betty White) attempts to keep her relationship with a younger man a secret fails when the family stumbles upon the couple in a restaurant.

5PM | 4C – Love Boat - “How Do I Love Thee? / No More Alimony / Authoress! Authoress!”
(Season 7, Episode 15 – first aired Jan 7, 1984)
A man bound by alimony wants to make sure his ex goes through with her marriage; Julie's Aunt Sylvia (Carol Channing) and her pal Betsy (Betty White) try to interest a publisher in Betsy's memoirs.

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jacko3 30 months ago
What can one say about the phenomenal BETTY WHITE... a sincerely fantastic personality that brought great joy to many ... May Our True Risen LORD Bless [with all Remembered & Forgotten Poor Souls] her Life (and husband Allan) as we celebrate such an outstanding legacy of her wonderful character and charitable persona ... GOD Bless!
PDCougar 30 months ago
As best as I can research, Betty White is the only performer to have had a regular or semi-regular role in a TV series during the 1950s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. She only missed the 1960s and 2020s during her life (not counting frequent guest roles on various game shows). William Shatner currently also has a 7-decade streak going on American television series (counting host duties), and David McKallum also has a current 7-decade streak if you also count his U.K. TV work.
LoveMETV22 30 months ago
MeTV should consider a schedule change replacing Gilligan's Island with a two hour block of
The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Sundays. It would increase viewership. What do others think?
Rita6868 LoveMETV22 30 months ago
They did that for years but not lately so I watch Decades.2 episodes mon-fri then my series dvd's on the weekend.I would love them to bring The Mary Tyler Moore Show back!
LoveMETV22 Rita6868 30 months ago
Yes they ran a lot of different programs in the past, which they either have in their (library) or have access to broadcast rights. They don't need to change the schedule dramatically, just introduce something different occasionally.
djk LoveMETV22 30 months ago
If they would show programs in it's original format 4:3 - it was a square... I would rather have void black on the sides than tops of heads cut off and scenes cropped. Some scenes are awful.
Rita6868 LoveMETV22 30 months ago
Yes. I hope they hear us!
LoveMETV22 30 months ago
Nice remembrance programs. The Betty's Memories clips are a nice touch.
The watch MeTV commercials they air (today Betty White appropriately but other celebrities as well) are pretty cool
always 30 months ago
If only ME can retire Hogan's Heroes and Gomer Pyle for more MTM!
Rita6868 30 months ago
I hope Joyce and Lisa are doing well! I would love to see them do an interview together.Thanks MeTV!
Rhonda 30 months ago
It’s so bitter sweet to be watching the Mary Tyler moore show I was 10 when my parents watch and I was 17 when it ended now I am 61 where did all the time go ? It’s also bittersweet watching and knowing they are all gone my childhood is disappearing 🙏
Rhonda 30 months ago
THANK YOU MeTV Just love this channel thank you for bringing all the memories back and thank you for today I love Sundays I called Brady Bunch Sunday but today is a special day because you are honoring Betty White thank you for showing the Mary Tyler Moore show love it just thank you MeTV For all the memories you bring them back my childhood I feel good❤️🥲
Rita6868 30 months ago
I knew the MTM Show cast were friends until the end and very connected but this is WOW! TED 1986/ Priscilla 1994 THEN Every 2years since 2017 one of them passed.2017/2019/2021.In 2021 each passed 2 days apart.Cloris 27th,Gavin & Ed 29th, Betty 31st.The first couple seemed like a coincidence but it continued.Ironic!Ted will always be my favorite! Miss him so much! Next Valerie,Cloris,Mary.Love them all and miss all of them.RIP Betty you get to be with your beloved Allen again.Tell the gang hi for me! I have been watching since day one and still watch this timeless show daily.
Rhonda Rita6868 30 months ago
This is just so bitter Sweet watching MeTV today 🥲
Rita6868 Rhonda 30 months ago
Yes it is bittersweet for me too! Really miss them!
Rita6868 30 months ago
25th Mary/26th Ted/27th Cloris/28th Georgia NOT death date its birth date/29thGavin& Ed/30th Valerie/31st Betty.
1986 Ted 1994 Priscilla THEN 2YRS APART 20017 Mary/2019 Georgia & Valerie/ 2021 Cloris Gavin,Ed,Betty. 2021 all are 2 days apart.
Reaked 30 months ago
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wy2h2 30 months ago
My favorite episode may have been yesterday. "Hang on to those values ".
VmcVmc 30 months ago
Betty, Thanks for making me laugh. I always thought you'd be here. My Dad is 90 and I always sited you as someone to look up to and keep going. "If Betty can do it at 99 so can you, Dad!" He'd chuckle and agree! I always enjoyed watching you on Password with your husband Allen Ludden. I loved your impish, coyest flirting! You are in my prayers You will be missed. Nice to know we have you on film! R.I.P. Betty 😪❣️❤️
Toonhead 30 months ago
Thanks Betty, for everything. The dance sequence in “Golden Girls” is the best! We’ll miss you darling. R.I.P. 😪❣️❤️👏👏
vinman63 30 months ago
We should do a six degree to betty white
Jamesatkinson 30 months ago
Always entertaining and she always gave me a sense of comfort when she was on screen, be it TV or cinema. R.I.P Dear Lady. 🙁
cperrynaples 30 months ago
Here's a bonus question: What actress played the title role in "Sue Ann's Sister" and what classic sitcom is she best known for?
Pat Priest, The Munsters
Yep, the second and longest-lasting Marilyn!
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