Maureen McCormick considered buying the Brady Bunch house that recently sold

Marcia Brady mulled owning her childhood home.

The mid-century ranch that the Brady Bunch once called home has been the source of real estate drama this year. When it was first reported that the house in Studio City, California, was up for sale, rumors swirled that it might be up for demolition. Later, a bidding war broke out, between a former boy-band singer and a cable network.

After HGTV outbid Lance Bass for the Brady Bunch home (and extended an invitation for him to participate in a program about the house as consolation), neighbors began bristling at plans to extensively remodel the property.

Remember, all this for a house that was used only for establishing shots. None of the sitcom was filmed inside the house (which varies dramatically from the TV show set).

Now, in the latest from the Brady Bunch house beat, we learn that Maureen McCormick, a.k.a. Marcia Brady herself, mulled over buying the house. On the red carpet for the Carousel of Hope Ball in Los Angeles, the 62-year-old actress told People, "When the whole thing happened, I have to say that I really thought, 'Gee, I would like to buy that house.'"

As delightful as it would have been to have Marcia owning her childhood home, the heated bidding war scared off the actress.

"I just kind of figured once I heard all the craziness, I thought, man, I can’t even compete with the onslaught of people that I thought would be coming for it," she said.

See, Jan? Not everything goes the way of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

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