We can guess your age based on your childhood bedroom

Did you have a Beatles or a Backstreet Boys poster on your wall?

When you picture your childhood bedroom, what do you see? The posters on the walls, the bed coverings and even the type of alarm clock you had can say a lot about who you are and when you grew up.

We’ve put together twelve questions designed to pinpoint your age based on what your bedroom was like when you were young. Pick the answer that is closest to your childhood bedroom. Will it be right on the money or three decades off? Find out below!

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  1. What color were your bedroom walls?
  2. What hung on the walls?
  3. What kind of bed did you have?
  4. What covered your bed?
  5. What kind of alarm clock did you have?
  6. What did you have on your desk?
  7. What piece of technology did you desperately want in your room?
  8. What kind of floor did your room have?
  9. What furniture did you have besides a bed?
  10. What was on your shelves?
  11. What childhood pet did you have in your room?
  12. What activities did you get up to in your room?

We can guess your age based on your childhood bedroom

Your Result...

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NanceMel 3 months ago
You say 71. I'm 57. Had to lie on many questions because no available answer even near the truth. Love you guys, but bad quiz.
Debbie 8 months ago
Lol. 71!? They aged me by 14 years! Had to pick the closest on most of them because they didn't come near describing my bedroom. I probably got age 71 because I picked the Beatles Poster which was the closest to all the 70's celebs I had pasted all over my walls
BryanWFrazier50 Debbie 8 months ago
I got 71 also . But , I did not pick a Beatles Poster . I had to choose the closest answers as well !!
RobChapman 10 months ago
These need a "none of the above" option. I couldn't answer half the questions.

RandySkretvedt 10 months ago
Says I'm 71 -- nope, 61. And my bedroom walls were painted beige.
24wolfeand 11 months ago
Says im 71. I am 14
Debbie 24wolfeand 8 months ago
Same as I got. Lol Our ages together we would be 71
BuddyHinton 12 months ago
Said I was 23. I’m going on 58. WTF MeTV?? 😂
peacefrog77 12 months ago
Six years off born in 77 not 71.
JuneMiller peacefrog77 12 months ago
According to them, 71 is your age not the year you were born ;)
peacefrog77 JuneMiller 12 months ago
Than they are way off, I'm only 42
MrHaney 12 months ago
I'm 57, but scored 71.....should have offered a choice of the Bee Gees and Shaun Cassidy in the posters section. I'm after the Beatles, but way before BSB.
Debbie MrHaney 8 months ago
Exactly! Lol I'm 57 too and also got 71. I had tons of Shaun Cassidy, Bay City Rollers, Leif Garrett, Starsky and Hutch, Peter Frampton, etc etc... posters plastered all over my walls. I think picking the Beatles poster got me age 71. It was the closest option tho..
GrandmaLisa56 12 months ago
I will be 56 in 3 months that is cooler than hell on June 24th
Tanyaj51 13 months ago
I'm actually 51 years old but have an old soul.
Trisha56 13 months ago
I took it twice both times 71 and I'm 63 looking at other posts, it seems this quiz is stuck on 71
RichardBanner Trisha56 12 months ago
Agreed..I'm 56, but got 71..but I had old parents and a 'hand me down' bedroom
jpdirisio13 13 months ago
These questions each need an additional choice......"None of the above".
JaxApollo13 13 months ago
71! Hell yeah (I’m 14 lol) my friends call me a boomer and according to this I guess I am!
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