We can guess your age based on your childhood bedroom

Did you have a Beatles or a Backstreet Boys poster on your wall?


When you picture your childhood bedroom, what do you see? The posters on the walls, the bed coverings and even the type of alarm clock you had can say a lot about who you are and when you grew up.

We’ve put together twelve questions designed to pinpoint your age based on what your bedroom was like when you were young. Pick the answer that is closest to your childhood bedroom. Will it be right on the money or three decades off? Find out below!

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  1. What color were your bedroom walls?
  2. What hung on the walls?
  3. What kind of bed did you have?
  4. What covered your bed?
  5. What kind of alarm clock did you have?
  6. What did you have on your desk?
  7. What piece of technology did you desperately want in your room?
  8. What kind of floor did your room have?
  9. What furniture did you have besides a bed?
  10. What was on your shelves?
  11. What childhood pet did you have in your room?
  12. What activities did you get up to in your room?

We can guess your age based on your childhood bedroom

Your Result...

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Jrzygrl 13 months ago
71!! I think Not. Take away 21 years.
MC1707 16 months ago
I guess I’m too old as hardly any of these “choices” of answers applied to me or my room at all.
JAWhitman 16 months ago
wow! way off not 71 can we subtract off 11yrs
DanDolgin 17 months ago
Now I have a cluttered room with CD's, DVD's, audio and video tapes, and records in the living room, as well as laptop, cell phone, radio with CD, casette, and bluetooth. Now I have a combination of yesterday's and today's technology for all my media.
DanDolgin 17 months ago
Quiz is off by 2 years. I'm 69 and quiz said 71. Most years we lived in a rented apartment that had all white painted walls and hardwood parquet floor. We had rugs on the floor, so I picked the closest answers. Yes I had records, tape casettes, and a typewriter.
Jekku 23 months ago
Well i couldn't even complete this one because they didn't have the right answers for me: had a bed, a DRESSER (duh!), and desk; I wasn't allowed to put things on the walls; I started out with purple, them moved to bright green & white; I don't remember my bedspread (white maybe?), we weren't allowed to have pets, I played with horses and drew...you can tell the people who devise these quizzes are themselves probably very young. 🙄
MC1707 Jekku 16 months ago
Me too. I couldn’t answer most of these as the answer choices, di not apply to me or my room.
Abbadon517 24 months ago
Im 60 but I like your age better 42
RachelBerlinski 25 months ago
"You are 23"
I don't know how they figured it, because my answers seemed pretty timeless. But I'm 27, so...
bukhrn 27 months ago
Answered 3 questions as nothing else applied.
bukhrn 30 months ago
Should have had a "none of the above choice"
bukhrn 30 months ago
It probably guessed 71 for everyone, I answered most even though nothing applied.
Snickers 30 months ago
Guessed I'm 71 not there yet I'm 64.
TheSentinel 32 months ago
The quiz was way off in its guess - it guessed 71, I'm 51.
Randall 33 months ago
I am 53, so that is close to what they said. My parents collected 19th century antiques and I was never allowed a poster, let alone anything that even hinted they had a child, If I ever see another room like that I WIL SCREAM. TV saved My life!!!
Cowgirl 34 months ago
I guess whomever wrote this never heard of bedspreads. I had a cat as well as fish and I am not 71 & won't be for a while.
AnnieM Cowgirl 32 months ago
HA! Glad to know I'm not alone in the '71' club! The pet question was incredibly stupid, being so specialized. The least they could do was offer a Pet Rock as a choice.
Cowgirl AnnieM 32 months ago
I forgot about my pet rock. His name was Fluffy. :>)
Snickers AnnieM 30 months ago
Also got 71 but choices they offered were to limited.
idkwut2use 37 months ago
You are 35

Your bedroom was '90s-tastic!

TRUE!!! And close—34 next month actually. Same amazing bedroom. +D It’s always been the greatest place on earth.
Dilberta 37 months ago
Had the writer never heard of a bedspread? And no, I’m not in my 70s.
DerekBird 37 months ago
You are 71
Honestly, you don't miss that tiny, squeaky bed.

WOW, only off by 15 years,. I'm 56.
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