Lynda Carter was the best dressed woman on 1970s television

Clark Kent wore basic gray suits. Bruce Wayne kept to a standard sharp millionaire look. David Banner dressed for hitchhiking.

Wonder Woman was the only television superhero to look, well, wonderful in both spandex and street clothes. Just because you're in disguise as your alter ego doesn't mean you can't look fabulous. In its second and third seasons, Wonder Woman was set in the modern age, the late 1970s. Diana Prince epitomized the disco era with her wardrobe, a collection of floppy hats, wide flares, oversized earrings, flowing sateen and windshield-sized spectacles. 

She may have been the Princess of the Amazons, but Diana was the queen of fashion. And Lynda Carter absolutely rocked every look. Forget New York Fashion Week and the September Issue. Here are Carter's greatest super-Seventies outfits from Wonder Woman.

You had to coordinate with the interior of your spacious American car. The person on the other end of the CB may not be able to see you, but you have to cruise in style.

Her hat game was unrivaled.

"Oh, this? Just something I parachute in."

Going full film noir in all black for a fast food run.

Dig the gorgeous embroidery details on this satin jacket. Even her rock & roll look is pure class.

Carter worked every hallway like a runway.

Tennis, anyone?

This glamorous formal dress reminds us of owl feathers.

Even these baby blue tuxes can't distract from the fantastic fringe.

Just running through the forest in mink and platform boots.

What better way to stay warm while trapped at the bottom of a lake inside a oil drum than a chunky turtleneck and blue velour?

A little bit lederhosen, a little bit curtains, but it works.

Maroon was arguably her color.

"Yeah. I know I look good."

Diana transforming into Wonder Woman was not like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. It was a butterfly turning into a warrior.

"This is as my casual wear."

Burnt umber, burnt sienna. Any autumnal shade with "burnt" in the name was hot.

Ready for fall.

You couldn't get through the 1970s without at least one Western-wear look.

Fresh banana meets rotten banana.

"If I'm going to look this good, could you try a little harder than 'Hawaiian shirt'?"

Her chunky glasses tied everything together.

She was sure to be the most styling at the Renaissance Faire.

Time to give credit to where it's due.

Alright, we're outta here. Let's ride…

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