8 things you didn't know about Lynda Carter on 'Wonder Woman'

The fearless Lynda Carter actually performed some of her own stunts.

It's been more than 75 years since Wonder Woman first roared into the world with an appearance in DC Comics' All Star Comics series. Since then, the warrior princess has won over legions of fans around the world as a symbol of strength, courage and compassion. 

This year, the iconic comic book character celebrates three quarters of a century. We're looking back at some behind-the-scenes tidbits you might not know about from the character's most memorable adaptation — the 1970s TV series

Lynda Carter didn't put the character on the map, but she certainly left her mark on one of the most beloved superheroes of all time. Today, when people think of Wonder Woman, they most likely think of the talented actress. Here are some reasons why she was perfect for the role.

1. She performed some of her own stunts.

Carter could be fearless when called upon. Although she had a stunt double (see below), the star sometimes had to perform under pressure. While filming a helicopter stunt the season two episode "Anschluss 77," it became clear that the double didn't really look like Carter in the shot. Not wanting to waste any time, the actress decided to do it herself, and held on to the aircraft as it lifted 50 feet in the air. 

2. She came up with the Wonder Woman spin.

In 2005, Carter told Entertainment Weekly she came up with the trademark move. She credits her dancing background with helping her come up with the idea. "They couldn't figure out how I would make the change," she said of the network. "So I said, 'I can do a pirouette or a spin.'"

3. She auditioned for Wonder Woman before.

It seems like Wonder Woman was a role destined for Carter. The actress tested for the role of the superhero for a 1974 TV movie, but the part eventually went to Cathy Lee Crosby. We have a feeling Carter has no hard feelings about being rejected for that gig. 

Image: Warner Bros. 

4. She was broke when she finally got the part.

After the unsuccessful audition in 1974, Carter beat out 2,000 other women to land the role of Wonder Woman a year later. When she got the call from producers saying she got the part, Carter had $25 in her bank account. 

5. She prefers the '70s version of Wonder Woman.

The first season of Wonder Woman takes place in the 1940s, meaning the period piece was expensive for the network to produce. When the show switched networks after the first season, the setting was brought into the present in order to save money. Of course, the time jump worked because Wonder Woman ages slowly.

Later on, Carter admitted she preferred the '70s version of Wonder Woman, particularly because she thought she performed much better as the modern version of the superhero. 

6. She tried out the latest trends.

Carter was down with the latest trends, especially if that meant attracting a younger audience. In the show's third season, Wonder Woman skateboards and rides motorcycles. In first episode of that season, the hero even saves a pop idol and his twin brother, both portrayed by Leif Garrett. Producers must have hoped two Leif Garretts would equal twice the ratings. 

7. She cared about the crew members.

Wonder Woman is a symbol for courage and compassion. Carter already proved the former by performing her own stunts, but she also embodied the latter. When the son of stunt double Jeannie Epper bragged to schoolmates that his mom was Wonder Woman, his classmates laughed at him. When Carter caught wind of the incident, she invited the class to the set so they could see Epper in action as the superhero. 

Image: Source

8. She almost wore a bikini.

Wonder Woman wearing a bikini would probably attract viewers, but let's be real, it's not the most practical option for a superhero. The show's costume designer originally designed a red, white and blue bikini for the character to wear while in the water. When the suit wouldn't stay on properly during filming, production gave the actress a full-body wetsuit to wear instead. 

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MaryamMohammed786 49 months ago
A fictional character she is not, she will always be my Wonder Woman
Rob 50 months ago
I thought I new everything about Lynda and I learned a few new facts! Lynda is always my #1 WW!
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