June Lockhart kept one picture in her wallet and you'll never guess who it was

Bill Mumy confirms she was the most rock & roll TV mom.

Here's a Lost in Space oddity even the biggest fans of the show might not have known. In the 1960s series, June Lockhart played brilliant and brave matriarch Maureen Robinson, but according to her TV son Bill Mumy, she was so much more wild and rocking in person than we ever saw her in the sci-fi adventure show.

Need proof? In an interview with the Archive of American Television, Mumy called Lockhart a "rock & roll goddess" and revealed that there was a stretch of time when his Lost in Space costar kept only one photo in her wallet – and it definitely wasn't of anyone of her TV family. Mumy said: 

"June is such an interesting character... She is, without a doubt, one of the smartest people I’ve ever met in my life. She is truly a rock & roll goddess. I swear to god. She lives for rock & roll. In the Eighties, she carried a picture of one person in her wallet and it was David Bowie."

Perhaps Lockhart got hooked on attending concerts because her father was a singer? We'll never know, but her apparent love of Bowie connects the Starman to sci-fi's most iconic family, so it really couldn't be more perfect. Next time you're spinning Ziggy Stardust, imagine the Robinson family encountering his Spiders from Mars and just know Maureen would've been the one in the front row rocking out to "Suffragette City."

While most fans know that Mumy later went on to be in bands (including one with the Bangles!), the former child star has set the record straight that it was his TV mom who lived for rock & roll. Mumy even recalled that Lockhart took him and Angela to the Whiskey-A-Go-Go once, to share her love of the Allman Brothers Band with her young costars:

"In 1967, she hired the Allman Brothers Band, which was at the time called Hour Glass, to come play a party at her house. She took me and Angela Cartwright to the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in the Summer of Love. To hang out with the Allman Brothers Band at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go. She’s a character and she is a rock & roll gal.”

In his interview, Mumy got tender thinking back to this time, because he said Lockhart made time for the kids on set out of the goodness of her heart. Mumy said, "She kept our minds occupied, which was a gift. She didn’t have to do that. She didn’t have to spend one second paying attention to me and Angela Cartwright. Every time they said cut, she could have easily gone to her trailer. Nobody would’ve thought that was weird. She could’ve gone to Guy’s trailer and just listened to music … but she spent a lot of time nurturing Angela’s and my developing thought processes. Teaching us.”

In that way, we think you can safely say that in addition to having good taste in tunes, she also rocked as a TV mom and mentor.

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Brick7 29 months ago
Re: Perhaps Lockhart got hooked on attending concerts because her father was a singer? We'll never know,

June is alive… so ask her… 😉 Her contact info is available on IMdB…
TVJunkie 61 months ago
Always so cool to learn a little bit about the real person behind the character.
Wiseguy 61 months ago
Which "god" is Mumy swearing to? The well-known one usually has His name capitalized.
harlow1313 Wiseguy 61 months ago
The "well-known one" has much to do with the time and place of your birth.
ZoneDude Wiseguy 53 months ago
The "god" in the article was written by the author and is a quote of what Mumy said. Mumy could very well have meant "the well-known one", but the author most likely chose the lower case, not necessarily Mumy.
musicman37 ZoneDude 1 month ago
He didn't capitalize it because the only gods there are are man-made.
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