Jackie Gleason's ''A Lover's Portfolio'' presented music in a brand new way

Gleason broke records with his records, which he loved recording for lovers.

You might find, someday, that succeeding in your field of work stops being exciting. That's where hobbies come in. As humans, sometimes we find it incredibly satisfying to pursue and succeed at something that has nothing to do with our jobs.

You might write for a living and feel a passion for bocce ball. You might be a politician and find that longboarding makes your heart soar. Or maybe you're a famous actor who has conquered everything in his field and is now looking to spread his artistic wings into other areas of expertise. That was the case for Jackie Gleason, a comedy great who, rather than rest on his laurels, decided to try for a second career in music as well.

As a reader, you might be shocked to learn that Jackie Gleason's 1952 musical debut, Music for Lovers Only, still holds the record for the longest stay on the Billboard Top Ten Charts.

In the decade that followed his first album, Gleason released a total of thirty additional records. By 1961, he was an industry pro and even innovated in the way his albums were presented and distributed. For his album that year, "A Lover's Portfolio," Gleason released a completely unique package for music fans everywhere. According to the Lafayette, Indiana Journal and Courier, the Capitol Records release consisted of "two LPs in a black leather-like box portfolio with a handle for easy carrying." That's a lot more involved than you might expect for an album of music released by a comedian.

Jackie Gleason's "A Lover's Portfolio" was a quasi-concept album, divided into three distinct sections, named "Sippin'," "Listenin'," and "Lovin'," with listeners encouraged to participate in each activity throughout. 

In addition to the album's clever packaging, the release included a 12-page booklet with further instructions for maximum listening pleasure. Gleason provided specific instructions to set the mood along with the music, and listeners were directed to prepare wine and exotic mixed drinks over poetry readings.

"One of these days, Alice, one of these days... I'll prepare a tender evening for strangers to connect, and I'll provide them with sensitive encouragement to ensure their night together is memorable."

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Pacificsun 13 months ago
Never heard that story before! Really admire Mr. Gleason even more! Glad he has an incalculable numbers of fans, which is truly deserved!
Bapa1 13 months ago
His guitar solos were amazing on those albums.
MrsPhilHarris 13 months ago
When I was a little kid I loved The Jackie Gleason Show. The opening with the camera flying across the water was so cool.
Bapa1 MrsPhilHarris 13 months ago
From my neck of the woods, Miami Beach! And we were the greatest audience in the world! He opened up a chain of restaurants down here also.
MrsPhilHarris Bapa1 13 months ago
Wow! I did not know he had restaurants.
Runeshaper 13 months ago
I really liked Jackie Gleason's music (-:
Andybandit 13 months ago
It was good that JG had many different talents then just acting.
texasluva 13 months ago
Jackie was a talented man. Not just a over the top comedian but an American Actor, writer, and composer known affectionately as "The Great One". He could not read nor write music but he had this knack which came into his head. Playing Bass for Glenn Miller in a movie I believe. He also developed The Jackie Gleason Show, which maintained high ratings from the mid-1950s through 1970. One of these days. He did send us to the moon and beyond. Thanks Mr. Gleason-
cperrynaples texasluva 13 months ago
TRUE! He never wrote a single note but he knew what he liked!
BrittReid texasluva 13 months ago
Very true. And he made a great Ralph.
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