Eva Gabor had an unusual side hustle

Green Acres wasn't the only way she stayed paid.

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In this economy, you can't have just one revenue stream. The most financially sound among us know that the key to success is a diverse portfolio. Why stop at just one income source? 

While Eva Gabor held down a lucrative job as the lead character in CBS's Green Acres, she also sought financial independence through a more passive type of income. In 1970, she opened the "Eva Gabor Wig Boutique" with the aid of a few financiers from Kansas City. The Detroit Free Press detailed the new business venture in an article that included an interview with the actress, who starred as TV's Lisa Douglas, a glamourous socialite turned farmer. 

"These marvelous wealthy people from Kansas City came to me and said they wanted to open these wig boutiques all over the country," said Gabor. It was, seemingly, as simple as that.

Eva served as chairman of the board of executives for the boutique, while Kansas City financier Emil Benson resided as president. Gabor's primary duty was attending each boutique's grand opening. There were 119 franchises all throughout the United States. In addition, Gabor was tasked with sitting in on policy decisions for the company. She also designed the boutique.

"The design, darling, of the boutiques is marvelous. Crystal chandeliers, white vinyl-like bricks, and beautiful strong pink rugs," explained Gabor.

In addition to her wig business, Eva Gabor used her design skills with her decorating business in Los Angeles. Her company was in great company, as the whole Gabor family had the same entrepreneurial spirit. Her sister, Zsa Zsa Gabor, had a cosmetics and perfume company, while their mother, Joli, sold jewelry.

Unbelievably, the Eva Gabor Wig Boutique still exists today, albeit renamed as, simply, Eva Gabor Wigs. According to Wigs.com, "Gabor is well known for elegant, classic, shorter styles. Some of the lightest and most comfortable synthetic wigs available can be found among the Gabor Wig collections."

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cperrynaples 10 months ago
Based on that shot, she should have sold decogestant! After all, she did say "got allergic smelling hay"...LOL!
Andybandit 10 months ago
Too bad she didn't wear her wigs on GA. She wears her gowns just to live on the farm.
cperrynaples Andybandit 10 months ago
Who's to say she didn't...LOL!
MrsPhilHarris 10 months ago
I can remember seeing ads for her wigs in either magazines or the back of comic books. 🤔
My mom and grandma bought wigs from the catalog a couple of times. They didn't need many wigs between the 2 of them. :)
cperrynaples MrsPhilHarris 10 months ago
Well it would have been magazines because boys don't wear wigs! And neither did Goober,,,LOL!
justjeff 10 months ago
...that flips my wig.... (SORRY! I just COULDN'T resist this!) I know my puns can be hair-raising, but please don't scalp me or pull the rug out from under me. It was a hair-brained comment, and if I'm toupee for this later, I'd really wig out!

...Now comes the onslaught of follow-up puns from others... and as David Letterman used to say... "Hold on to your wigs and keys!..."
Runeshaper justjeff 10 months ago
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