Art Carney praised Jackie Gleason in a 1977 interview for his ''generosity''

There would be no Ralph and Ed without the connection between Art Carney and Jackie Gleason.

When big stars collaborate on productions or work in the same environment, sometimes their egos clash. Yet, that was not the case for Art Carney and Jackie Gleason, who played best buds on The Honeymooners.

In fact, Art Carney credited Gleason for helping him expand his talents. The duo was comedic gold for viewers worldwide on the 1950s hit series, although it only had one season. In an interview with Copley News-Service in 1977, Carney talked about why people loved the show.

"We were believable in what we did. Jackie Gleason and me," he began. "He was Ralph Kramden, the bus driver, and I was Ed Norton, the guy down in the sewer. And people accepted us in that way."

According to the article in the newspaper, viewers didn't see Gleason and Carney acting as the fictional best friends; they saw them acting as themselves. Carney added, "People just didn't think we were acting. I don't know what they thought we were doing, but they never thought of it as acting."

The chemistry viewers saw on-screen between Gleason and Carney was just as strong behind the scenes. He learned a lot from the multi-talented actor, but one piece of advice connected with him the most.

"[It's] more about timing and more about how to observe people," Carney said. "Jackie brought things out of me. He gave me free rein. He trusted me. He knew I wasn't after his job. He was very generous professionally and financially. He really is The Greatest."

Carney was an Oscar-winning actor, after receiving the award in 1975, so the demand for interviews was high. However, he loathed it. "No offense, but I'm much more comfortable when I'm playing someone else. When I'm myself, that's the problem and it's always been that way."

All of the things Carney did in the industry were from his "instinct, watching other people and learning." Yet, he was still a private guy, and people loved it.

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wallyandbagfan 12 days ago
Ive Told Every Little Star by
Linda Scott .
wallyandbagfan 12 days ago
Bobbys Girl by Marcie Blane .
Runeshaper 24 days ago
Art Carney and Jackie Gleason = pure gold (-:
Big3Fan 25 days ago
Right up there with Laurel and Hardy and Abbott and Costello, in my opinion.
MrsPhilHarris Big3Fan 24 days ago
I love Abbott & Costello. My husband doesn’t understand why I do. He doesn’t think they are funny. I just watched Africa Screams.
Big3Fan MrsPhilHarris 24 days ago
One of my favorites is their 7x13=28 skit.
MrsPhilHarris Big3Fan 16 days ago
Oh that’s a good one! Funny show, funny movies.
I like Practical Joker Characters on sitcoms like Bag Zombroski played by Neil J Schwartz on Happy Days and Wally Plumstead played by
Skip Young on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.
I also like Gavan O'Herlihy and Randolph Roberts the 2 actors who played Chuck Cunningham the "Lost" older brother of Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard ).
MrsPhilHarris 25 days ago
Jackie Gleason always praised Art Carney.
BrittReid 25 days ago
What a great story about a great show. Super chemistry between the entire cast and visitors. One of the best shows ever.
Peter_Falk_Fan 25 days ago
I read somewhere that Jackie Gleason was a big tipper. I enjoy watching Gleason and Carney in any movie, even movies critics pan.
harlow1313 25 days ago
I own a copy of "Harry and Tonto," and have watched it many times. The film was released in 1974, and I particularly enjoy movies made in those days, times I know quite well.

I sort of consider "Harold and Maude," one of my favorite films, to be a companion piece. Somehow, they seem similarly flavored.

"I should like to turn into a sunflower most of all." - Maude
I liked that Happy Days video clip that you had on the METV Comment Line several months ago when Moose (Barry Greenberg) dances with a girl (Carey Williams ) in Arnolds Drive In . I wonder if
Carey Williams is related to Carol
Williams who planned Marilee in the Happy Days episode called
Fonzies New Friend. The Happy Days clip with Moose and the girl
dancing was from the Happy Days episode called GUESS Who's Coming To Visit.
Pacificsun 26 days ago
I like this quote, and it's a great Story!! Thanks MeTV Staff Writers! Can't get enough Honeymooners!

"We were believable in what we did. Jackie Gleason and me," he began. "He was Ralph Kramden, the bus driver, and I was Ed Norton, the guy down in the sewer. And people accepted us in that way."

The four of them were perfect together!
Bapa1 26 days ago
If I am not mistaken, Gleason was way ahead of his time by giving residual money to his three co-stars.
Pacificsun Bapa1 26 days ago
JG left this world with a nice reputation, didn't he!
madvincent Pacificsun 25 days ago
a good watch is his only appearance on johnny Carson on youtube, he chain smokes 4 cigs in 20 minutes.... a must see
Pacificsun madvincent 25 days ago
I would, except it's not there, after a search of about 200 episodes.
madvincent Pacificsun 25 days ago this helps not too good with computers
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