How Danny Met Sandy? They're making a Grease prequel that tells the story of ''Summer Nights''

Summer sun, something's begun!

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Grease, the Oscar-nominated musical that forever linked John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, just celebrated its 40-year anniversary last year, and you know the reboot machine just can't let a notable birthday pass without pumping out ideas to refresh an entertainment franchise. That's exactly what's happening, as it's just been announced that Grease will get not a reboot, but a prequel, the origin story of Danny and Sandy's forbidden love, the thumping heart at the center of nearly every song on the musical's catchy soundtrack.

There's just one song the prequel really cares about, though, and that's "Summer Nights." According to CNN, the screenplay will be written by John August (the same guy who did the 2000s Charlie's Angels reboots and wrote the Oscar-nominated retro movie Big Fish), and it will tell that story that the T-Birds, the Pink Ladies and Sandy sang about so enticingly in "Summer Nights."

So, yes, expect to see a fresh cast play out the scene where "she nearly drowned" and finally reveal the truth: Did it go down like Danny said? Or Sandy? It's a surprisingly intriguing choice in the realm of reboots, discovering a pretty much unanswered question and taking the time to imagine what really happened. That's why Grease fans are optimistic about the prequel, which we're hoping will have plenty of Beach Party film vibes and fulfill the review proclaimed in the beginning of the song at the screenplay's core: "Had me a blast."

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Joe 64 months ago
Why?!… who's been wondering what happened to their characters during the previous summer to warrant a prequel?

This movie should already reserve a spot in the discount DVD bin along with Grease 2.
stephaniestavropoulos Joe 64 months ago
Don't tell me, let me guess: For Danny's father: John Travolta. Sandy's mother: Olivia Newton John. You know how those that are trying to reboot a movie/tv show, they try to lure the unsuspecting/hoped for audience with "star power."
I know that it will probably never happen, {the article did say it's going to be a "fresh cast,"} but stranger things have happened. Performer agrees to do a part and some of the public is surprised they agreed to do it. I agree with you, Joe who has been wondering? Apparently, there are those movie mavens/moguls out there, who think that this is an area of Pop Culture that needs to be addressed. Like you said, it needs to go into the "discount bin." Directly to dvd!
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