Hear the one time the Andy Griffith Show's silent kid cowboy Leon actually did speak aloud

How do you think the sandwich aficionado rates Jell-O's "brand new" flavor?

On The Andy Griffith Show, Clint Howard took on the role of Leon, the silent kid cowboy always offering up a bite of his sandwich to any Mayberry resident who approaches him. Ron Howard once told the story of how Leon got cast in this truly unique role, but the most important part of being Leon is that Howard had to be absolutely quiet. His character famously never spoke a word on the show.

So that's what makes this Jell-O commercial extra special. In a sponsored spot that typically aired with The Andy Griffith Show, viewers were treated to a rare treat when we see Leon walk into the spot, holding his signature sandwich. Andy welcomes the boy, and true to form, Leon immediately offers a bite of his snack. Andy turns it down as he always does, but then he leans down and tells Leon that Aunt Bee just made some fudge-flavored chocolate pudding and asks, "Would you like to have some?"

What follows is priceless, as Leon sits before three sundae dishes of Jell-O pudding, as Andy delivers the pitch about this "brand-new flavor." When he asks Leon what he thinks, the kid is silent with fudge smudging his face.

But Andy prods him, "Can't I get a word out of you? Just one word?"

That's when Leon delivers a line aloud, to the extra delight of Andy Griffith's biggest fans. Thanks to the Andy Griffith Museum, you can watch the commercial to hear Leon confirm to Andy that chocolate pudding is "Good!"

Watching Andy being such a good spokesman just reminds us of all our favorite spots he ever did over the years. Check out this message from his sponsors, and take this tour of all the commercials The Andy Griffith Show cast did over the years.

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Yellhair 2 months ago
I love the Andy Griffith show, I’m actually watching it right now. That commercial is so cute and I happen to have some chocolate pudding in the fridge, guess what I’m going to have??
GordARebelato 48 months ago
Clint Howard was a cute kid, not so much when he got older. I like the part he played on Seinfeld.
BrendaGast 62 months ago
A commercial, no wonder I couldn’t think of it! Possibly never saw it. Leon was sure a cute little dickens!
stephaniestavropoulos 62 months ago
Ron's little brother had it easy! Clint actually got to eat chocolate pudding. Ron on the other hand, had to endure bowlful after bowlful of an ice cream imposter: mashed potatoes! I'm surprised that it didn't turn him off ice cream all together. I know, I can go and check out this bit of info. from the article on Ron, just don't feel like doing it right now.
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