Happy birthday to Wagon Train actors Robert Fuller and Robert Horton

Robert Horton and Robert Fuller

In 1962, Robert Horton left the popular western Wagon Train after its fifth season. He wished to work more in musical theater. His character of Flint McCullough, the tough hero and scout of the slow moving caravan traveling from Missouri to California, was eventually replaced by another scout, Cooper Smith. The rough and stoic Smith was played by Robert Fuller.

Here's a coincidence: Both Fuller and Horton were born on the same day, July 29, albeit nine years apart. 

Fuller is a born western man. Before riding atop his horse Gambler on Wagon Train, he starred in NBC's Laramie. In his late life, he has become a horse rancher in northern Texas. Of course, in between, the ruggedly handsome actor played Dr. Kelly Brackett on Emergency!.

In 2008, Fuller was inducted into the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Today, he turns 82.

Though Horton stated he was done with westerns after leaving Wagon Train, he thankfully returned to the genre in 1965 as the lead in ABC's A Man Called Shenandoah, in which he played an amnesiac cowboy. Eventually, Shenandoah learns he was a Union soldier. On Wagon Train, he played a veteran of the Confederacy, if you're keeping track. A successful singer, Horton sang the theme song in his booming voice. Listen to it below as you raise a toast to his 91st birthday.

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Rgustum 10 months ago
Happy 91 Robert Horton
Happy 82 Robert Fuller
KMT6600 16 months ago
Happy 91th Birthday Robert Fuller
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