Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: ''The Bed Jacket''

In which we celebrate Aunt Bee!

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This quiz is about Season 3, Episode 12: "The Bed Jacket." See which details you recall, and which you might need a little refresher on. Good luck, have fun, and be sure to share your score (cumulative or otherwise) in the comment section below!

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  1. Andy has better luck than ______________ while fishing.
  2. What's the name of Andy's fishing rod?
  3. How old does Aunt Bee say she is?
  4. Opie suggests two of the following three gifts. Which one isn't his idea?
  5. Who does Andy buy the bed jacket for?
  6. What does Andy buy for Aunt Bee?
  7. Who comes over to see how the bed jacket looks?
  8. What's the name of the shop owner?
  9. What does Andy have to trade in exchange for the bed jacket?
  10. What's the mayor's wife's name?

Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: ''The Bed Jacket''

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AllisonAchinapura 8 days ago
9/10. I didn't know the mayor's wife otherwise I love this episode.
Blcakandwhitetvfan 19 days ago
You know I watch MeTV to get away from "wokeness" B/S. Her character name was MRS. Lukens and if she had been single it would have been MISS Lukens. "Ms" did not come along until the 1970s. Way to ruin a good memory MeTV. Why not just start calling people "IT" so as to not offend anybody. Wonder when the networks or studios who own the rights to classic tv shows like TAGS will start to edit the dialogue to conform to the PC police? That's when I will just flat out stop watching tv altogether.
What's the name of the shop owner?
Ms. Hildebrand
Ms. Juniper
Ms. Lukens
NorthFork 22 days ago
8/10 Andy wins all the way around in this episode. Gets the best of 'ol Stoner.
tanya7100 26 days ago
10/10...I like how Andy explained to Opie the reason behind selling his fishing rod. Very sweet.
edcrumpacker 27 days ago
10/10 Very cute episode. I know that I'll be buying myself a bed jacket for next winter, cheaper than putting in a new furnace.
Markone23 30 days ago
8/10 You know it was this episode that made me realize to stop guessing what a person wants and just asked them. Who ever likes that phony look of appreciation for a gift not wanted. And asking where that gift is years later is a waste of time. Most likely in the basement collecting dust. If I spend money I want that person to be happy with their gift. And for Pete's sake what the hell was Andy thinking when he purchased two dozen jars for Aunt Bea. Sure as hell not to make more kerosene pickles.
Wendy57 Markone23 29 days ago
I agree with you about just asking what people really would appreciate for a gift.
Or, many people think it’s not very thoughtful, but, how about cash or a gift card ?
Too many of our gifts that we felt we put a lot of thought into for our kids, end up in what we have jokingly referred to as
“ the closet”. Money is hard to earn, so, it’s better to ask, especially if it’s a gift to a person of a younger generation. Our minds just don’t work like theirs do.
( thank goodness ) Sorry, didn’t mean that, YES I Did !!! 😁
keith865 30 days ago
5. It is not for but from Mayor Stoner.
BritBuch91 keith865 30 days ago
No, the answer is correct... Aunt Bea talked to the Mayor about the bed jacket, so the Mayor asked Andy to purchase it for him to give his to his wife or sister... Aunt Bea spotted Andy buying the jacket & thought it was for her... When Clara mentioned it to Andy later, he then went & traded his fishing rod for the jacket
2016jessica 30 days ago
10/10 Aunt Bee acts like a spoiled little girl.
bub626 2016jessica 27 days ago
It was strange to see.
But ....good apology.
8176Morgan 1 month ago
10/10 Love it. Only had to guess on #4, glad I got it right!
texasparrow55 1 month ago
10/10 holy shmolee I got them all right! ‘Bout
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