Can you fill in the blank to complete all 8 holiday episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies?

The Clampetts celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and a favorite hometown hillbilly holiday.

It’s hard to find a show more festive than The Beverly Hillbillies. The classic sitcom had five different Christmas episodes, sometimes twice in the same season, plus two Thanksgiving installments. There was also a Halloween episode and multiple stories involving the Clampett family’s favorite hometown celebration.

How well do you know The Beverly Hillbillies holidays? Here are the titles of each Christmas and Thanksgiving episode. We’ve also thrown in a certain hillbilly animal day for good measure. Can you fill in the blank for each one?

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  1. Christmas at the ______
  2. The Thanksgiving ______
  3. ______ for Christmas
  4. The Christmas ______
  5. ______ Day
  6. The ______ Before Christmas
  7. Christmas in ______
  8. The Clampett’s celebrate their favorite hometown holiday in an episode titled: “______ Day”

Can you fill in the blank to complete all 8 holiday episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies?

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NickG 1 month ago
Wish they’d move this show to later in the day. Love this program.
Terry 8 months ago
Coldnorth Terry 7 months ago
Ditto. Don’t know how I got so many wrong.
beaver1 8 months ago
6/8 boy I need some work with the BHB holiday shows
Douglas 8 months ago
7/8! missed number 4. I will still celebrate.
RichLorn 8 months ago
“Weeeell, doggies! That was harder than braiding a mule's tail during fly season.”
olddogg 8 months ago
For those of you that missed out this year, you can be ready for next year. Possum day is October 18th.
RichLorn olddogg 8 months ago
Yum. I hope that doesn't fall on a Friday.
john 8 months ago
8/8 piece of cake
RichLorn john 8 months ago
Don't you mean possum?
Steve67 8 months ago
6/8 A decent day for guessing
bnichols23 8 months ago
3. Guessed on nearly all, so that really ain't too awful poor.
retro6 8 months ago
4/8 Well, that's a dadgum shame. Better luck next time!
FLETCH 8 months ago
I have to pass on this one. I've never watched The Beverly Hillbillies. Not sure why exactly, it just never appealed to me as a kid and I've never revisited the show since.
MrsPhilHarris 8 months ago
6/8 I’m not sure why but I never liked seeing Jed dance. 🤔
4 for 8. Mrs. Harris, maybe his dancing was a wink to the audience, he was pretty
famous for it, dancing with the likes of Shirley Temple. He danced, did both drama
and comedy and starred in 2 long running series. A talented man.
When Henry Kissinger visited the set and kept hitting on Donna, upsetting her -
he was older and resembled a troll, she was a "good girl" - the 6' 4" Buddy took Henry aside
and firmly explained Donna wasn't a Hollywood chippie and Buddy would not stand for
any more of his shenanigans.
Nowadays instead of standing up for a cast mate the lead actor would have just filmed
Donna and Henry with his cell phone and sold the footage to social media.
I’ve seen him dancing in some old movies. I just don’t like it. Too rubbery.

Nice to hear his protecting Donna Douglas.
CaptainDunsel 8 months ago
OK - I just made up for getting 10/10 on the "singers" quiz.
Would you believe 3/8 on this'un?
bnichols23 CaptainDunsel 8 months ago
Aaaayup, since I got the same. :)
Big3Fan 8 months ago
2️⃣ I tripped over Duke and landed in the cement pond.
bnichols23 Big3Fan 8 months ago
[Granny voice] AAAAAAANNNNHHHHHHH!!!!!
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