Are these images of Buddy Ebsen in The Beverly Hillbillies or in something else?

He played many hillbillies, cowboys and hobos during his career.

Buddy Ebsen began acting professionally in the 1930s and continued all the way through the '90s! He appeared in numerous movies and portrayed beloved characters on the small screen.

How well do you know the many roles of Buddy Ebsen? Can you tell them apart from his long stint starring on The Beverly Hillbillies? Take the quiz below to find out!

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  1. Is this Buddy Ebsen as Jed Clampett?
  2. What is he in here?
  3. What about in this one?
  4. Is this the poor mountaineer who struck oil?
  5. What show is Ebsen on here?
  6. What show is this courtroom scene from?
  7. This character looks wealthy. Does he live in Beverly Hills?
  8. What show is this cowboy on?
  9. Is this Ebsen on 'The Beverly Hillbillies'?
  10. What is Ebsen performing in here?
  11. Is this a picture of Jed Clampett?
  12. Last but not least, what show is this image from?

Are these images of Buddy Ebsen in The Beverly Hillbillies or in something else?

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Jeffrey 1 day ago
I see Ebsen and Nancy Culp (talk about a cold war..) they couldnt stand each other
L 6 days ago
You should have put a picture of him in Captain January. That would confuse almost everybody!
srstein 17 days ago
9/12! My husband owes me dinner!
Randall 19 days ago
They should have had one from the wizard of Oz if he hadn't been allergic to that face paint his entire career would have been different or would it? Love to hear from you
srstein Randall 17 days ago
I think it would have Christian (Buddy Ebsen’s real name) on the map earlier
Lantern 19 days ago
He also played the husband Audrey Hepburn left in " Breakfast at Tiffany's" (he was trying to get her back).
scp 19 days ago
12 out of 12.

If he's clean-shaven it's not The Beverly Hillbillies.
DavidBarker 20 days ago
You got 10 out of 12
Did you strike oil… or strike out?
Toot1956 20 days ago
12/12 Wow. I know my Buddy Ebsen.
Corey 20 days ago
Buddy Ebsen was the original cast for the Tin Man in Qz but was allergic to the makeup.
frenchman71 20 days ago
All you Buddy Ebsen fans out there, go to your library when they open back up and read his auto-bio, "The Other Side of Oz". It tells of his early days in vaudeville and when "...Billies" got started. And some other tidbits of Wizard of Oz. How Milton Berle who was huge in his heydey on TV gave Buddy a royal snub about coming on his show. And when " 'Billies" took off and made #1 in the ratings, Berle ran into Ebsen somewhere in Hollywood to congratulate him on his new show. Ebsen returned his compliment by saying "I guess I didn't need to be on your show after all." Perfect comeback and a great book.
GeoRubik frenchman71 20 days ago
Berle was a notorious ass-hat.
cperrynaples GeoRubik 20 days ago
Yes, and Berle didn't have a show in the '60's until 1966, and THAT was a flop! MeTV fans proably know him as Louie The Lilac!
daDoctah 21 days ago
They missed his appearance on "77 Sunset Strip", as a former silent-movie comedian reduced to doing supermarket openings (in that episode, his son played by Joel Grey was a struggling standup trying, poorly, to trade on his father's name).

I think every major and minor Beverly Hillbillies regular was on "77" at least once except Irene Ryan. (Max Baer Jr and Nancy Kulp were each on twice).
MikefromJersey daDoctah 21 days ago
Good post! Donna Douglas never, ever looked better than when she appeared in an evening gown
on Sunset Strip. Wow! MeTV, use a clip of her from that episode to promote 77 Sunset Strip
when you hopefully bring it back. I don't think any woman in the decade of the 1960's ever
looked better than Donna Douglas in that appearance.
Well, that's proably why she was cast in "Eye Of The Beholder"! Her beauty was a sharp contrast to the pig people...LOL
Cyn_Finnegan 21 days ago
They also missed the Mickey Mouse Club serial "Corky and White Shadow," where he played Sheriff Matthew Brady, the father of the titular Corky (Darlene Gillespie). He even sang in it.
Yep, and didn't he do Davy Crockett with Fess Parker?
RoberttheWallace 21 days ago
Missed one--good trivia; Buddy Ebsen, I remember fondly on " Barnaby Jones ", but mostly for some of His feature films. . .one off the top of my head--" Captain January " { I believe }, where he co--starred with Shirley Temple [ doing some really good dance scenes with her ]. Here's a bit of trivia. . .Buddy Ebsen was slated to be in " The Wizard Of Oz ", as the Tim Man--but had an allergic reaction to the lead colored paint, that's when Jack Haley stepped in to immortalize the iconic role. Buddy Ebsen, Awesome Actor! ! !
RobRacela 21 days ago
i'm surprised they didn't include clips at his time on Barnby Jones.
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