Can you fill in the missing lyrics to The Beverly Hillbillies theme song?

Words, that is…lines…text…libretto.

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A good TV theme song needs to succinctly set up the premise of the show and be catchy enough to stick in viewers’ heads long after the end credits. One theme song that gives an entire pilot episode’s worth of plot in one song, all while set to a rousing bluegrass banjo, is the tune for The Beverly Hillbillies.  

The song about a man named Jed who strikes oil while out hunting is a Sixties classic. But how well do you remember all the lines, from the beginning and end credits, in this hillbilly ditty? Try to fill in the missing lyrics in this quiz!

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  1. Come and listen to my ________ 'bout a man named Jed
  2. A poor ________, barely kept his family fed
  3. And then one day he was ________ some food
  4. And up through the ground come ________ crude
  5. Oil, that is. Black gold. ________ tea.
  6. Well, the first thing ya know ol' Jed's a ________
  7. The ________ said, "Jed, move away from there!"
  8. They said, "________ is the place you oughta be."
  9. So, they loaded up the ________ and moved to Beverly
  10. Hills, that is. ________. Movie stars.
  11. End credits: Well, now it's time to say ________ to Jed and all his kin
  12. They would like to thank you ________ fer kindly droppin' in
  13. Yer all invited back _______ to this locality
  14. To have a ________ of their hospitality
  15. Hillbilly, that is. Set a ________. Take yer shoes off.
  16. Y'all come back now, ________?

Can you fill in the missing lyrics to The Beverly Hillbillies theme song?

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keishie 2 months ago
I struck gold 16/16🫠😉
Wufferduck 12 months ago
Wonder if Jed would put his money in the commerce bank of Beverly Hills today or buy bitcoins??? Lol
FrancieCarlson 13 months ago
dejavudu 15 months ago
Number 6 is wrong. It’s millionaire, NOT zillionaire! So 16/16
Jeffrey 19 months ago
''You got 15 out of 16'' ----You struck gold! Great job! It was actually 16 that I got right, but the page moved when I clicked on 16. Clicked on Alright, instead of Y'hear.
ELEANOR 19 months ago
How could I miss? Those lyrics are INGRAINED in my soul.
PulsarStargrave 20 months ago
16/16 PIECE O' JOHNNY CAKE!* (Definitely not Elly's marble cake!) One of my favorite shows, especially the Full Color seasons (5 to 9)! Speaking of which, MeTV I'm still annoyed that you only broadcast the Black and Whites during their Sunday marathon at the beginning of the summer!
That was "...piiii TEE full, piiii TEE full...!" No possum shanks and gopher gravy for you!

* "Johnny Cake" is a sweet corn bread, sometimes made with sweet corn in the batter, other times baked with thin wedges or light sprinkles of cheese melted on top!
The marathon was called the "Summer Block Party"!
goodguy 21 months ago
Throught I forgot about this song .
JewelsChuck 21 months ago
14/16 I should be ashamed of myself! 😲
L 22 months ago
15 out of 16.

Let's do one for Gilligan's Island. Or is that too easy?
Mob39 22 months ago
The Beverly hillbillies & Green acres are the best. They never fail to make me laugh! 🤣 The TV shows that are on now are complete crap. Way too much taking the Lords name in vain and too much cursing in general. Very unnecessary.
NickG 22 months ago
Literally laugh out loud at this show. Love it. So funny, good values.
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