Chip 'n' Dale got an extreme makeover for the Disney+ reboot

Check out the new stripes on this couple of crazy rascals!


Classic cartoons are everywhere these days, but they don't look exactly the way we remember them. Most recently, Warner Bros. revealed their updated Looney Tunes, and perhaps most drastically, just today, Variety reports that Disney+ gave us a preview of what their Chip 'n' Dale reboot will look like - and it's definitely painted new stripes on the couple of crazy rascals out to have some fun:

Unlike the 1980s Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, which stuck Chip in an Indiana Jones-esque fedora and Dale in a bright red Magnum, P.I.-esque Hawaiian shirt, the new Disney+ reboot harkens back storywise to the earliest cartoons, depicting the pair of chipmunks out in the wild with tons of slapstick humor. But the style couldn't be further from the original cartoon characters, giving the characters a modern reboot that only barely recalls the original designs, with much of the heavy lifting coming from Dale's signature round red nose.

According to Variety, the reboot will be comprised of 39 episodes that run 7 minutes each, showing Chip and Dale's new adventures in "the big city." What do you think of the new animations? The press release from Disney assures us that even if the look has shifted, the cartoonists will still be using traditional animation styles.

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Dawn 62 months ago
Please stop remaking what is not broken.
Barry22 62 months ago
it looks like just the same animated crap that's been on TV the last 20 years.
JesicAleba Barry22 61 months ago
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