Barry Williams is your tour guide for The Summer of Me

MeTV’s The Summer of Me kicks off on Monday, May 29

Barry Williams is your tour guide for a groovy Summer of Me, kicking off on Monday, May 29, on MeTV.

From ALF to Hitchcock, The Summer of Me has plenty of surprises in store. Let’s have a look.

First, spend your weekday "laughter-noons" with classic comedies. Tune in for The Beverly Hillbillies at 4PM | 3C, Leave It to Beaver at 4:30PM | 3:30C, The Brady Bunch at 5PM | 4C, Gilligan’s Island at 5:30PM | 4:30C and Happy Days at 6PM | 5C. Then, at 6:30PM | 5:30C, rediscover the color episodes of The Andy Griffith Show from seasons six through eight.

Also, the following programs are being presented from their very first episodes: My Three Sons (weekdays at 7:30AM | 6:30C), The Beverly Hillbillies, Gilligan’s Island and Happy Days.

Then, nighttime heats up with everybody’s favorite Melmacian. Catch the furry wiseguy's antics on ALF, weeknights at 9:30PM | 8:30C.

Download the printable PDF schedule: Eastern / Pacific or Central / Mountain.

Here are even more highlights from The Summer of Me.

Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night and Red Eye Sci-Fi have added two science fiction classics to The Summer of Me. The last vestige of humanity fights for survival on Battlestar Galactica, Saturdays at 7PM | 6C. Stay up late for fantastic tales from The Outer Limits, Saturdays at 1AM | 12C.

Mary and Rhoda together again! Tune in for back-to-back episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Sundays starting at 2PM | 1C, followed by back-to-back episodes of Rhoda, starting at 3PM | 2C.

The “Master of Suspense” hosts a diabolical collection of 30-minute tales running the gamut from crime and mystery to horror and the supernatural. Watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents, weeknights at 1A | 12C.

Business makes strange bedfellows. When a stunning private investigator teams up with a handsome former conman, criminals don’t stand a chance — and sparks may begin to fly! See what happens on Remington Steele, weekdays at 11A | 10C.

Download the printable PDF schedule: Eastern / Pacific or Central / Mountain.

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