A version of ''Meet the Flintstones'' released in 1961 was sung by the cast and had wildly different lyrics

“Meet the Rubbles!” and have a “Scooba-dooba-doo time!”

Golden Records

When The Flintstones started airing in 1960, it was aimed at an adult audience. It was the first animated show to air in a primetime evening slot. Heavily inspired by another sitcom about a sarcastic couple and their neighbor friends, The Honeymooners, it was even sponsored by Winston cigarettes in the early years.

But that doesn’t mean it was only for grownups. Anyone who grew up in the 1960s can attest that the adventures of Fred, Wilma and the rest appealed to all ages. There was even a direct attempt at marketing to kids, two years before Pebbles was born and merchandising really took off!

In 1961, Golden Records released a children’s album titled Songs of the Flintstones featuring eight tracks with names like "Dino the Dino" and "Bowling Alley Blues." The first song, however, is instantly recognizable.

It's an early version of the tune that would become the famous theme from the show. Only this "Meet the Flintstones" was sung by the cast and featured different verses!

"Hello, Fred and Wilma, they're a couple just like you and me," the first verse begins. The next verse mentions Dino and another sings "Rubbles! Meet the Rubbles! That’s the other stone age fam-i-ly!" It ends with Barney singing "Have a scooba-dooba-doo time" instead of Fred’s famous catchphrase. Is that a Hanna-Barbera precursor to Scooby-Doo?

The music was written by frequent Hanna-Barbera composer Hoyt Curtin and performed by Alan Reed, Jean Vander Pyl, Mel Blanc and Bea Benaderet –—Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty, respectively. Remember, in 1961, "Rise and Shine" was still the opening theme to the Flintstones show. "Meet the Flintstones" would not be introduced until season three, in 1962.

A long timpani solo midway through "Meet the Flintstones" may be the biggest difference between this earlier version and the one later used at the beginning of each episode. If only that had been in the show!

You can listen to it here.

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JohnDavid 45 months ago
I absolutely love the actors and actresses of the 60’s, best time of my life as a child.
I still watch them more than the programs of today. I am glad I was young during the beginning of these now considered all time classics. lol
Kimmie 49 months ago
I was upset knowing they cut the 1/2hour of the Flintstones!! I not much for Happy Day's. They should have put it at a later time slot. I watch Adam 12, then the Flintstones. Not a happy camper!!
Bestshowsever 50 months ago
I agree with sheilarhodes52 and mveahead31!!!!!
sheilarhodes52 50 months ago
I feel the same as maveahead31. I too was saddened to know they were cutting the second episode of the weekly airing. I'm not a fan of Happy Days either. I would rather see the Jetsons or Scooby Doo in it's place. However, the Flintstones are my favorite.
mveahead31 50 months ago
The Flinstones are my ALL time FAVORITE cartoon. I'm very saddened to see that MeTV is cutting the the second episode for Happy Days. 😠 Not a fan. I hope they will leave The Flinstones on on Sundays for 2 hours. They bring back such good childhood memories!
jholton30062 51 months ago
That tympani solo makes the song! They should have kept it in the song for the show...
Aaron 51 months ago
Did anyone else go listen to it? Lol.
RobCertSDSCascap Aaron 51 months ago
You're dignityshmignity?
JohnDavid 51 months ago
I still love watching the Flint Stones and Andy Griffith. They were hold hood favorites.
Thanks for sharing! lol
LucyImHome1951 51 months ago
You would think this was released by Hanna-Barbera Records but this was before that. The Five Americans of “Western Union” fame started on that label.
According to Wikipedia, they started with ABC-Paramount followed by Abnak Records and THEN Hanna-Barbera Records.
Yes, I know. I was just saying that they were on the H-B label, I never said they weren't on a different label before or after that.
Viviand 51 months ago
I love The Flinstones. I hardly will miss a show, even if it is a repeat. So refreshing!!!
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