9 Flintstones voice actors who were also on The Andy Griffith Show

Ernest T. Bass, Floyd the Barber and Otis Campbell can all be heard on The Flintstones!

The Flintstones and The Andy Griffith Show are two of the most memorable shows from the 1960s, but they don’t seem to have much in common. One takes place in the Stone Age and the other in small-town North Carolina. In one, the main character has a friend named Barney… well, maybe there are a few similarities. 

Those similarities include the actors cast on both shows. Some only appeared briefly on one show but played a major character on the other. Others played recognizable characters on both.

Here are nine actors who can be seen in Mayberry — and heard in Bedrock!

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1. Howard Morris


Perhaps best known as the kooky Ernest T. Bass on The Andy Griffith Show, Howard Morris acted in a wide variety of projects. He was especially adept at animation, voicing Mr. Peebles on The Magilla Gorilla Show and multiple characters on The Jetsons, like futuristic pop star Jet Screamer and grandpa Montague Jetson. He can be heard in dozens of Flintstones episodes, voicing kids, animals, and both Jethro Hatrock and Weirdly Gruesome.

2. Allan Melvin


Allan Melvin appeared in eight episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, each time as a different character. He played Clarence "Doc" Malloy in the episode Jailbreak and tough guy Fred Plummer in the episode Barney’s Uniform. He also showed up as the recruiting sergeant in the episode "Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army" with fellow voice actor Howard Morris. On The Flintstones, he voiced numerous characters including Superstone and Len Frankenstone.

3. Hal Smith


Known to many as Otis Campbell on The Andy Griffith Show, Hal Smith voiced many different side characters in 33 episodes of The Flintstones. He also appeared on Green Acres, The Brady Bunch and one episode of Adam-12. Later in life, he lent even his vocal talents to the 1992 Disney classic Aladdin as Jafar's horse!

4. John Stephenson


Pictured here in an episode of Perry Mason, John Stephenson acted in all kinds of television shows. He can be seen in The Beverly Hillbillies, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and F Troop. He was in 73 episodes of The Flintstones, most notably as Mr. Slate, Fred’s boss. He can also be heard briefly as a radio announcer in the Andy Griffith episode "Barney and the Cave Rescue."

5. Janet Waldo


Shown here as Amanda, a potential love interest for Andy in The Andy Griffith Show episode "A Wife for Andy," Janet Waldo started acting in Hollywood in the 1930s. She voiced many memorable animated characters like Judy Jetson, Granny Sweet on The Atom Ant Show and Mrs. Slaghoople (Wilma's mom) on The Flintstones. She also played the title character on the radio program Meet Corliss Archer alongside Sam Edwards.

6. Sam Edwards


Sam Edwards acted in five episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. His first appearance was the episode "Christmas Story," pictured here listening to Andy sing "Away in a Manger." Later, he played Tom Bedlow in two episodes – "The Lodge" and "The Barbershop Quartet."  He was only in one Flintstones episode, however. He voiced three different minor characters in the episode "The House That Fred Built." Edwards also appeared in many Westerns like Gunsmoke, Wagon Train and The Virginian.

7. Howard McNear


Howard McNear is known to many as Floyd the Barber on The Andy Griffith Show. He acted in 80 episodes of the beloved sitcom. He also voiced a doctor on three episodes of The Flintstones. But didn’t just play comedic roles. He was two episodes of The Twilight Zone and two episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

8. Herb Vigran


Herb Vigran voiced a cop in three different Flintstones episodes. On The Andy Griffith Show, he played a character on the other side of the law, a bookie, in the episode "The Bookie Barber." It featured Barney going undercover dressed hilariously as an old woman. Speaking of the law, Vigran appeared in many episodes of both Jack Webb police shows Dragnet 1967 and Adam-12. He also voiced the hardworking human farmhand Lurvy in Charlotte’s Web.

9. Bernard Fox


Welsh actor Bernard Fox portrayed Englishman Malcolm Merriweather on three episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. On The Flintstones, he voiced the suave manager Eppy Brianstone who discovers Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm and makes them international singing stars, at least in Fred's dream. Other notable roles include Major Ross on M*A*S*H and Dr. Bombay on Bewitched.

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KirwoodDerby 50 months ago
What a great tribute to all these wonderful actors. It’s nice to know that these voices will be around long after all of us are gone.
Historynerd247 52 months ago
Hal did the voice for Phillppe the horse in Beauty and the Beast in 1992 as well..
KellyMiedema 52 months ago
Bernard Fox was also on the show Hogan's Heroes. But ya'll already knew that...
Mike 52 months ago
Howard McNear was a bona fide Old Time Radio Star.
His best-known role in that medium was as Doc on Gunsmoke, which he played for the whole run of the show.
cperrynaples Mike 52 months ago
Yep, and he was the plumber on Burns & Allen!
MichelleBialek 52 months ago
Good grief!! I'm sorry I rambled on!
DavidMagoon MichelleBialek 52 months ago
Speaking of "Good Grief", didn't Scott Menville, as Freddy Flintstone on the second season of "The Flintstone Kids", sound like a fast-paced Charlie Brown?
MichelleBialek 52 months ago
I liked only one of the 'fun girls'.... the one who chased Andy. When she'd say, "Hi doll!", I'd laugh for the duration! She played that part to perfection. My other favorites were the "Darlings"! The boys, with their deadpan looks, their Pa, a slippery one, but, my best was Charlene! She cracks me up whenever a song was mentioned, and would say, "No, that makes me cry!" Granted Ernest T. Bass was annoying, but, that was what the role called for. The way he portrayed himself, was genius. However, he also showed a sweet, sensitive side of the character. For instance, the episodes depicting: when he wanted to join the Army, but, it was only to get a uniform to impress the mountain girls; when he wanted a diploma to impress Rowena; when he took charm lessons from Andy and Aunt Bee; when he serenaded Charlene, just to name a few. Howard Morris was quite versatile. He was also a great director and writer. The episodes depicting values are a treasure in TV history. My favorite, when Opie accidentally killed the 'mama' bird with his slingshot. Then there was the one, when Andy thought Opie was being selfish, because he only gave $.03 to a charity. Later, it was revealed he was saving up for a coat for his poor and needy 'girlfriend'. Lastly, when Opie found a wallet containing $50.00. After one week, Andy decided he could keep the money, with which he bought a new fishing pole. The man who lost the money, told Opie about it when they met in the sheriff's office. Andy found this out, and was furious Opie didn't speak up. He finds Opie at the sporting goods store and yanks him home. Turns out, he was returning the pole for a refund. The Andy Griffith Show is a true classic As you can tell, I watch all the reruns and never tire of them. There's always a message.
A work friend and I used to work with a woman with the same qualities as that smokey- voiced woman. We used to do a hilarious imitation of her with more of a New York accent and a strong desire for her next smoke.
PackerPaul 52 months ago
You didn't mention that Bernard Fox was a regular on Hogan's Heroes as bumbling Col. Creighton.
PortelaJ PackerPaul 52 months ago
Also, Dr. Bombay on Bewitched. Samantha used to say “ Dr Bombay, Dr Bombay, emergency right away “
KirwoodDerby PackerPaul 50 months ago
Correction: That’s Colonel Crittendon.
Dlaydi4u 52 months ago
I thought Barny Fife was way over the top most of the time.
RedSamRackham 52 months ago
Also after Howard McNear retired Allan Melvin appeared on Mayberry RFD as the town's new barber. ☺
richardkel RedSamRackham 52 months ago
Allan Melville was also a regular on The Brady Bunch as Sam Franklin, the butcher and Alice's boyfriend. He also played Sgt Hacker on Gomer Pyle USMC.
DavidMagoon richardkel 52 months ago
What about his role as Barney Hefner on "All in the Family"?; also, Archie Bunker's putting his foot in his mouth earlier with Allen Melvin's Sgt. Pulaski was hilarious.
FrankensteinLover 52 months ago
60 Years Later still the Greatest TV Show Ever. Love all the Andy Griffith Show Facts.
cperrynaples 52 months ago
Allen Melvin also contributed to Top Cat, and of course he was Sam the butcher on The Brady Bunch!
DavidMagoon cperrynaples 52 months ago
He also played Bluto on Hanna-Barbera's Popeye cartoons.
Moody DavidMagoon 52 months ago
Yep, that was on the All New Popeye Hour & he was also the voice of Magilla Gorilla. He was a very talented actor!
FLETCH 52 months ago
Am I the only fan of The Andy Griffith Show that couldn't stand Ernest T. Bass? I find that character unbearably annoying.
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Dlaydi4u ETristanBooth 52 months ago
I agree totally about the fun girls.
Barry22 FLETCH 52 months ago
Agree, never liked those episodes.
MichelleBialek WKeithSharp 52 months ago
Loved your comment! Now, tell us what you really think!!
KirwoodDerby FLETCH 50 months ago
I think that by feeling annoyed by Bass you are feeling exactly the way the writers wanted you to feel. We sometimes forget that we are humans and tv shows and movies can bring on emotions. Good actors can evoke that in us.
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