Take a stroll back through 4th of July past with these vintage advertisements

Nothing is more patriotic than pork products. Just ask Frankie Doodle Dandy.

Three industries undoubtedly set their annual calendars around the 4th of July — fireworks, soft drinks and hot dogs. Those items fly off the shelves, because it's not Independence Day in America without cookouts and colorful explosions in the sky.

We're guessing the ice cream biz sees a major uptick in sales, too.

Of course, you can see all of this in vintage ads. Coca-Cola, franks and fireworks have used up a lot of red and blue ink over the years promoting their products for the holiday.

Let's take a look at some of our favorites from back in the day.

1) Banner Fireworks

Image: geyserofawesome

1,000 pieces for $4.95? Now that's a deal.

2) Swift Premium Franks

Image: goldismoney2

Let's salute Frankie Doodle Dandy. And then eat him. We love the ketchup stripes and parsley stars on the cheese flag, too.

3) Skinless Frankfurters

Image: klappersacks / Pinterest

Turning encased meats into tiny cannons is true ingenuity.

4) Coca-Cola

Image: Coca-Cola

Coke proved there is more than one way to serve up a dog.

5) Coca-Cola

Image: Coca-Cola

Pure Americana.

6) Coca-Cola

Image: Stevens & Tate / Pinterest

Are all those fireworks putting you on edge? "Jumpy nerves will be calmed by Coca-Cola." Nothing like caffeine and sugar to calm you down.

7) Pabst Beer

Image: Vintage Ad Archive

Red, white and Blue Ribbon.

8) Sealtest Ice Cream

Image: Vintage-Ads

Red, white and blueberry. If you have "blue" in your product, you have to advertise on the 4th.

9) Cambell's Soup

Image: neatocoolville / Flickr

Nothing like a hot soup on a hot day.

10) Even more Swift Ham

Image: Period Paper

We eat ham at every holiday, don't we?

11) Sunbeam bread

Image: suzee_que / Flickr

"White bread" is a synonym for "boring." But throw in some fireworks? This girl is just dazzled!

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idkwut2use 48 months ago
#8 looks sooo good. I know 9 & 11 are. 6:
Wyatt 60 months ago
I see Frankie Doodle was riding on his English muffin - how treasonous! lol
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