17 products of the 1970s you can still buy right now

Who needs an answering machine, some Marathon Bars and a case of Tab?

Old fads never die, they just become niche products. You can still find all kinds of once-popular products on the Internet. Some are originals never went away, while other bygone trends have moved into the craft market.

So we went shopping for our favorite fads of the 1970s.

There was one product we could not find, however: Leisure suits. Unless you want an ironic costume, they are impossible to find. Keep that in mind if you looking to start an Etsy business catering to hipsters.

Pet Rocks


Etsy / Space87

Does this count as "handmade"?

Handmade Sterling Silver Mood Ring


Etsy / LokiblueCreations

Now this is handmade. This is a more legitimate piece of jewelry than back in the day.

Marathon Bars


Old Time Candy

The beloved Marathon candy bar is gone, but it lives on in a sense withthe U.K.'s Curly Wurly! It's essentially the same thing.




Diet Coke is cooler in a pink can.

Beer shampoo



Body on Tap was one of the many unique shampoos of the 1970s. While that is off the market, you can still soap your scalp with suds.

Pearl Drops Toothpaste



Imported from the U.K. straight to your mouth!

Atari video game console



Alas, the original Pong console is off the market, but you can still play the game here.

Simplicity Sewing Patterns


Rusty Zipper

Make your own '70s fashions!

Lava Lamp



Did these ever really go away?

Shag carpeting, plum


Carpet Express

If floor a house with these, please send us photos.

Bell bottoms


Show Me Your Mumu

Another look that never truly faded away.

CB radio



Note: This will not send emojis.

Barbra Streisand T-shirt



Turn up "The Way We Were" and rock this classic Babs look.

Polyester tracksuit


Irving Park / Blair

Who needs "breathable"?

Platform clogs


Chinese Laundry / Zappos

Perfect if you want an open toe in two inches of snow.

A computer floppy disk drive



We tried hard to find a drive to handle older 5¼-inch floppies of the 1970s, but we are not miracle workers. It was shocking enough to find anything on the market with "floppy" and "disk" in the title.

Answering machine



No microcassettes, but, again, it's surprising these are still made.

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