12 vintage cream corn recipes you should probably not look at before eating

Not a fan of canned cream corn? Wait until you see Scramblebuns and Bologna Boats.

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Is there a more divisive food than cream corn? Some people must love it, as it's been a mainstay on the grocery shelves for decades. On the other hand, "Cream Style Corn" remains one of those dreaded memories of childhood. Mom had a special knack for whipping up mystery dishes from canned goods.

Manufacturers like Del Monte and Libby's offered up recipe ideas utilizing their golden goop. According to their advertisements, cream corn could be used in pies, sandwiches and sauces. It could be breakfast or dinner. If you squint your eyes — and taste buds — it could pass for Mexican, German or New England cousine.

Here are a dozen, um, let's say "creative" recipes utilizing cream corn that would tickle the heart of any 1960s lunch lady.

Thimble Corn Pie

Are there thimbles hidden inside? Are those bacon wraps meant to slip on your finger while sewing?

Image: sa_steve / Flickr

Corn Scramblebuns

"Scramblebuns!" is our new favorite PG curse word.

Image: thenoirkitten / Flickr

Corn Bologna Boats

Not recommended for the easily seasick.

Image: lileks.com via BuzzFeed

"The Satisfier"

"Sizzling hot on toast." What exactly is sizzling?

Image: Geoff Nowak / Flickr

Corn and Beef Blintzes

That is one deep bowl of cream corn.

Image: Gallery of Graphic Design

Corn Con Carne

We'll stick with the carne, thanks.

Image: Click Americana

Cornpatch Clam Bake

Oh God, adding canned clams to canned corn?

Image: saltycotton / Flickr

Pork Chops in the Corn

"Pork Chops in the Corn" sounds better than "Creamy Meat Jacuzzi."

Image: ecosalon

Corn and Wiener Roast

It's hard to read the fine print, but is one of the ingredients "sweat"?

Image: devilduck / Tumblr via Pinterest

Devilish Corn Sauce

The devil is not always red.

Image: retrorigolo

Corn Lorraine

The recipe is not complete without the dolls.

Image: Mr. Breakfast

Corn Tamale Loaf

We remember this scene from Ghostbusters.

Image: theytoldmesew / Flickr

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