11 rare color photos from the set of ''I Love Lucy''

These photos put the show in a different perspective.

It's hard to imagine an episode of I Love Lucy in color. While the technology of the time limited the program to a monochrome scale, there are photographs that reveal what some scenes looked like in color. We've found some of those color photos from the set, and it really makes us see Lucy and Ricky in a different light. Take a look!

1. Lucy tries her best to make pizza in the season six episode "Visitor From Italy."

2. Viewers couldn't see the vivid kilts worn buy Lucy and Ricky in the Brigadoon-inspired "Lucy Goes to Scotland."

3. Lucy donned a vibrant red dress while trying to steal the spotlight in season one's "Cuban Pals."

4. One of the most iconic scenes gets the color treatment in season five's "Lucy's Italian Movie."

5. Ricky's ego gets to his head in season five's "Homecoming." How else could you explain that robe?

6. The Ricardos and the Mertzes are stranded after mountain climbing in season five's "Lucy in the Swiss Alps."

7. What happens in Palm Springs, stays in Palm Springs. Except for this gorgeous color photograph of Lucy's outfit from season four's "In Palm Springs."

8. Here's what Ricky and Lucy's apartment looked like in color. We think they did a good job matching the throw pillow with the couch.


9. Harpo Marx catches Lucy dressing up as him in season four's "Harpo Marx," and the two pose for a photo together behind the scenes.


10. Lucy has a close encounter with Maximiliano the Bull in "Lucy Goes to Mexico."

11. Whether she's in black and white or color, Lucy will always be stunning.

Bonus: You can also check out this color video taken while the show was filming. 

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Wyatt 50 months ago
That blouse in the color grape vat photo doesn't look like the one she's actually wearing when stomping...
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