Can you identify all these shows filmed at Desilu Studios?

Hopefully, you paid attention during the closing credits.

You have to hand it to Lucille Ball. As a comedian, few can compare. Her physical comedy holds up six decades later and never fails to make audiences laugh.

Also, Ball was a boss. As the head of Desilu Studios, she oversaw some of the greatest TV shows of the 1960s. You can thank her for Star Trek even existing.

If you watch a lot of classic television, you'll see the Desilu logo at the end of many shows. We grabbed some of those below. See if you can identify the show!

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  1. Even if you're green and new to this game, this should ring a bell.
  2. Recognize this fellow illustrated in the closing credits?
  3. Check out that incredible hair.
  4. Do the buildings look familiar?
  5. Take a look at the fellow in the corner.
  6. Bing Crosby produced this one.
  7. A running man and a fist… must be an action show.
  8. Schifrin's theme song is really awesome.
  9. If you look close enough, you can see her in this shot.
  10. This show filmed at Desilu in its first season. Botany 500 dressed the star.
  11. The cyborg woman should give you a clue.
  12. This comes from the closing credits of a long-running sitcom.

Can you identify all these shows filmed at Desilu Studios?

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Mukusthebadd1 11 days ago
Bah! I missed Four!
One I've never even heard of...
HopeDuchaine 11 days ago
11/12. I don't remember seeing this on the show.
AdrMky 11 days ago

You got 12 out of 12
You really gorged on some Desilu shows
RickeyMulkey 11 days ago
You got 12 out of 12
You really gorged on some Desilu shows!
DarioWiter 12 days ago
A PERFECT 12!!!!! 👌👌👌👌👌 ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️ 😎😎😎😎😎
FoggyD 15 days ago
11/12 i guessed on a lot of these
Kevin 21 days ago
I missed "That Girl." For some reason, I thought Danny Thomas had his own studio.
Hardwick1961 21 days ago
Says I got 10 out of 12, but I only missed one and that was #8.
Wiseguy 21 days ago
There is a difference between filmed "by" Desilu and filmed "at" Desilu. Calling all these shows "Desilu" shows is a reach.
moax429 Wiseguy 14 days ago
*Very* true.
MarkSpeck 24 days ago
12/12. I've seen all of those shows except for My Living Doll.
JERRY6 24 days ago
10 of 12 missed cyborg and andy griffith
DavidBarker 24 days ago
You got 12 out of 12
You really gorged on some Desilu shows!
MikefromJersey 25 days ago
Easiest quiz to date, 12 for 12. By the way, Lucy was not a comedian. She was a comedic actor, she could act funny from a script but was never ever funny on her own. Whenever she appeared on talk shows she was dreary, not a hint of wit about her, joyless and incapable of even light banter with Carson, who clearly bent over backwards to try to make her look good.
Desi was the genius behind I Love Lucy, a pioneer in many ways. The 3 camera set up was his idea
as well as filming the series.
Taking a small salary in return for owning the series after the episodes were shown twice, which many people mocked him for at the time, was a stroke of genius that made his and Lucy's empire
viable with all its other series yet to come.
He was also a lech who chased a very young Barbara Eden all over the studio till she had to hide
in Lucy's office. He later degenerated into a drunken sot, when he appeared on The Virginian in the
1960's he was stone drunk, it was so bad the producers should have cut all his scenes out of respect
for a once great TV innovator.
AlF 26 days ago
Sorry. Those buildings don't look like anything on Andy Griffith... (Except the closing credits, apparently...)
Tom 26 days ago
Another winner twelve out of twelve!
Utzaake 26 days ago
11/12. That last question was a good one. Only one I got incorrect.
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