10 classic 'I Love Lucy' moments that apply to your everyday life

Lucille Ball knows how to relate to us.

When it comes to physical comedy, no one comes close to Lucille Ball. The pioneer created some of TV's funniest moments through her genius reactions and exaggerated facial expressions. More than 60 years after I Love Lucy premiered, the show's most iconic moments still apply to everyday situations. Here are some GIFs you might relate to. 

1. When you decide to take home the extra bread from a restaurant.

2. When you forget to defrost the chicken for dinner.


3. When you look in the mirror and realize you look good.


4. When you're waiting for the last person to leave your party.

5. When you win $2 from a scratch off lottery ticket.

6. When you cheat on your diet, but you don't care.

7. When you accidently buy the wrong flavor at the grocery store.


8. When you win a bet against someone.


9. When you see a mouse in your kitchen.

10. When you finally get comfortable in bed and then realize you have to go to the bathroom.


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