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The Pursued (s2, ep25)
An alien reaches out to Vincent with the intention of defecting.
A Blast For Buck (s1, ep16)
Dr. Huer scans Buck and Wilma's mind in order to discover the secret to a terrifying riddle.
Wall Street (s1, ep)
After Zack breaks his dad's expensive video camera, he invests the class money in a high-risk stock in a moment of desperation.
Leaping To Conclusions (s1, ep)
When Nikki refuses to do the science class's frog dissection, she, aided by Zack, Lisa, Mickey and Screech, releases the frogs.
The Lisa Card (s2, ep)
When Lisa splurges with her dad's credit card, she asks the Bayside gang to help get the money back before her dad discovers the shopping spree.
The Election (s2, ep)
Zack finds out the Class President wins a trip to Washington, D.C., and campaigns hard against Jessie. But when the trip is canceled, he must campaign even harder to lose.
Aloha Slater (s2, ep)
Slater is torn when his Army father tells him they're moving away. Jealous the spotlight's not on him, Zack spreads a rumor.
Dancing To The Max (s2, ep)
When a dance contest is held at The Max, the gang splits off into pairs—Kelly and Slater, Zack and Jessie, and even Lisa and Screech!
The Rolls Rock Caper (s5, ep23)
Fred and Barney find themselves involved in a murder case with famous Aaron Boulder, the millionaire cop.
Fred Meets Hercurock (s5, ep25)
Movie producer Go-Go Ravine decides to star Fred in his newest epic.
Coming Of Astro, The (s1, ep5)
George says no to having Astro, a stray dog, but thinks a robot dog will be better for the family, so gets 'Lectronimo.
The X-ray Story (s2, ep13)
Fred is mistakenly treated for a rare dinosaur disease.
The Hot Piano (s1, ep19)
When Fred finally remembers his wedding anniversary, the result is almost disastrous.
Trouble-in-law (s2, ep24)
Fred looks for an "out" when his mother-in-law moves in.
The Drive-in (s1, ep13)
Fred and Barney's plan to become wealthy by becoming restaurant owners goes awry.
Moonlight And Maintenance (s5, ep20)
Fred decides that a house is too much work and takes a second job as a janitor in a posh apartment building so his family can afford to live there.
The Graduates (s4, ep25)
Seeing his daughters graduate to the next grade level causes Danny to go through a mid-life crisis at the age of thirty-three, which results in a short-lived romance with a 21-year-old woman.
Rock The Cradle (s4, ep26)
When Jesse announces that his rock 'n' roll band has been signed by a major record company and will be going on tour for the summer, Rebecca surprises him with some good news of her own: She is pregnant!
Ellie For Council (s1, ep10)
Ellie's decision to run for town council sparks a battle of the sexes.
Dave Nimitz- Flintstones
"Our host, Lisa, steps back to the Stone Age with Dave Nimitz’s impressive collection of "The Flintstones" memorabilia. Dave’s mother inspired him to begin collecting at a young age, and her support paid off with a floor-to-ceiling collection dedicated to America’s favorite cave-family. From rare collectible figurines to a plush doll gifted to him by "Flintstones" creator Joseph Barbera, Dave’s collection spans the globe. Our collector finds himself at a crossroads when toy expert Mark Huckabone offers to trade a breathtaking piece or original artwork for not one, but two rare boxed games. Will these two toy fanatics strike a deal?"
The Price Of Tomato Juice (s4, ep15)
Radar gets the help of Hawkeye and B.J. to procure something Colonel Potter says he's fond of, but that's hard to come by—tomato juice.
Dear Ma (s4, ep16)
Radar writes home to his mother, as Hawkeye conducts the camp foot inspection, and Colonel Potter gets some shrapnel in his backside.
Perry Mason: The Case of the Desperate Deception
Perry Mason: The Case Of The Desperate Deception (s1, ep14)
In this episode Perry Mason has to defend the son of an old friend of his who is accused to have killed an ex-officer of the Nazi-SS.
Elvis Presley (s1, ep2)
Elvis Presley - "Don't Be Cruel"; Elvis Presley - “Ready Teddy”; Elvis Presley - “Too Much”; Elvis Presley - “When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again”; Elvis Presley - “Hound Dog”; Elvis Presley - "Peace In The Valley".
Carol Burnett and Friends
Family, The / Hollow Hero, The
In The Family, Eunice has a flashback to when she first started dating her husband. Then, in The Hollow Hero, a guard refuses to the King and Queen inside without first receiving a popsicle.
Forty-four Tickets (s1, ep12)
Rob has two days to find 44 tickets to "The Alan Brady Show" promised to the PTA.
Empress Carlotta's Necklace (s1, ep13)
Rob surprises Laura with a necklace that she secretly hates.
Ralph Kramden, Inc. (s4, ep19)
Norton invests in Ralph's stock when Ralph wants twenty dollars. When Ralph thinks he is named in a millionaire's will, arguments arise. It turns out Ralph was simply left a pet bird named Fortune, and much of the money was left to the butler and maid.
Bonfire (s1, ep)
Preacher Robert Evans will go to murderous lengths to obtain a woman's manor for his gospel sanctuary.
The Garden House (s1, ep16)
Kimble is working as the caretaker at a spacious ranch in Connecticut which is owned by newspaper heiress Ann Guthrie who lives with her husband Harlan and her sister Ruth. Ann and Ruth's late fater founded the Westborne Clarion, the newspaper that Harlan
Invasion (s6, ep9)
An earthquake damages the U.S.'s Distant Early Warning (DEW) system and a Defense Department advisor, Whitmore Channing, steals plans from the Air Force identifying the weak spots. Channing has hid the information for pick-up by an enemy agent the next day.
The Wolfe Case (s2, ep14)
Nancy Fowler is murdered and Pete is hired to find out why. He finds that it's a setup perpetrated by a bitter wife.
Hot Money (s2, ep15)
Willie Coronado is found dead in the dryer of a laundry mat. He was one of the men involved in a daring bank robbery. His partner in crime hires Pete to find out who killed Coronado so he can cut a deal with the DA's office.