Who said these catchphrases and famous lines on Full House?

Can you figure out who said these classic lines throughout the show?


Along with the witty one-liners from Jesse, the jokes from Joey and the seemingly endless advice from Danny, multiple characters on Full House had their go-to sayings and catchphrases.

As the show went on and the characters got older, you could almost predict when their famous lines would come up, though they landed every time. Some characters are best remembered for their most famous lines, rather than a repeat sentence used throughout the show, and we've thrown some of those in as well. 

Some of these phrases set the mood of a certain scene, whether that be happy, anxious or angry. Some, on the other hand, were a warning that trouble was coming!

Can you recall who said these Full House catchphrases and all-time quotes? Choose carefully, several characters had multiple phrases!

  1. ''How rude''
  2. ''Have mercy''
  3. ''You're in big trouble, mister!''
  4. ''Sweet cheese!''
  5. ''Cut it out''
  6. ''Hug it out'' was first said by who?
  7. ''Watch the hair''
  8. ''You got it dude''
  9. ''Oh Mylanta''
  10. ''No way Jose''
  11. ''Woah, baby!''
  12. ''Oh, puh-lease!''
  13. ''Clean is good. Dirt is bad.''

Who said these catchphrases and famous lines on Full House?

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GioLovesMash 23 months ago
Hello, GioLovesMash me i loveeeeeeee maassh noooooooottttt fuuuuuuuuuulll houuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeee
JewelsChuck 24 months ago
7/13 I loved it back when it was first on but now I want to gag. I love older shows from the seventies and back.
texasluva 24 months ago
Thursday Best Movie Opening credits pick- I am putting up 10 Best Movie Openings. Give me your top 3 picks. I will use 10 points for #1 7 points for #2 and 5 for #3. then give you the totals once those have chimed in.

Watchmen 2009 Opening Scene- .

Psycho's opening credits-
A bit longer version of Psycho- .

Halloween (1978) Opening Sequence-

Do The Right Thing opening-Not sure if this is your own right thing but we have to put in Spike Lee movie opening just in case--I just work here 😉-- .

Touch of Evil Opening Shot-- .

Once the credit start rolling you know that Bill is in deep hockey. Then the music rolls with the video. You get the chills just knowing what's in store for those who left her for dead.
Kill Bill 2, by Quentin Tarantino (2004) - Opening scene-- .

Star-Lord Dance // Opening Credits | Guardians of the Galaxy-- .

Lord of War - Intro (HD)-- .

Goldfinger Theme Song - James Bond-- .

Pulp Fiction (1994) - Opening Credits-- .

North By Northwest - Opening Titles-- .

My votes go to
1. North By Northwest
2. Kill Bill 2
3. Tie Between Guardians of the Galaxy and Pulp Fiction
JanFresh 25 months ago
12/13 #9 got me, never heard anyone say "oh mylanta" on this show.
JewelsChuck JanFresh 24 months ago
DJ said it and even said it on Fuller House. I say that all the time myself. It’s a good replacement for something else.
Tim 25 months ago
1 of 13. Worst. Show. Ever.
JanFresh Tim 25 months ago
I beg to differ
JanFresh Tim 25 months ago
This show was iconic
Tim Tim 25 months ago
I called to check my zip code.
Bad_Pizza Tim 22 months ago
Did you get more MUH-NEE BACK in your Social Security check?
GioLovesMash 25 months ago
michelle You're in big trouble, mister me im not in You're in big trouble, 1 out 10
JHP 25 months ago
I think one was omitted

"oh no! We suck again"
AllisonWunderland 25 months ago
8/13…We’ll, another Guess-o-Rama 🤪
rahaindy 25 months ago
6/13 guessed them all never watched the show.
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