Can you match these Dad-centric episodes to the right shows?

Whether they were called Father, Dad, Paw or Pappy, there were many paternal classic TV episodes.

Image: The Everett Collection

Dads have been a huge part of television from the very beginning. More than a few shows, especially in the Fifties and Sixties, revolved around a dad and his family. Most series portrayed married life, but a few iconic dads like Andy Taylor and Lucas McCain were single. 

Here are 15 TV episodes that all have Father, Dad, Paw or even Pappy in the title. Can you match each one to the right show?

  1. “Fonzie the Father”
  2. “Lucy Becomes a Father”
  3. “The Case of the Flighty Father”
  4. “Dear Dad”
  5. “Mrs. Drysdale’s Father”
  6. “Gomer and the Father Figure”
  7. “Daddies Anonymous”
  8. “Pappy”
  9. “Look Paw, I’m Dancing”
  10. “Father of the Year”
  11. “Substitute Father”
  12. “I’m Allergic to Daddy”
  13. “Daddy-O”
  14. “My Dad, the Athlete”
  15. “Boots with My Father’s Name”

Can you match these Dad-centric episodes to the right shows?

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bagandwallyfan52 8 months ago
Whatever Happened To Andy Taylor
Jr Andy Taylor and Helen Crump s
Son born on Mayberry RFD and
There was NO MENTION of Andy
Taylor Jr on Return To Mayberry.
Lillyrose 8 months ago
10 out of 15. Please air I Love Lucy again. Please also air The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy.
Care1028 9 months ago
6/15. I missed all the westerns.
Coldnorth 9 months ago
5 wrong. Geeepers. Thought I would do better. My tears are making a puddle on my ipad. Lol
Michael 9 months ago
Father's day is like some father-son event, and the choices are to be embarrassed, ornot go.

Not everyone has a father that's around.
Runeshaper 9 months ago
9/15 and almost all guesses (-:
texasluva 9 months ago
Started off good then hit the peak and down I went to a 11 out of 15 score. I should go Back To The Future then amaze everyone I knew what was a coming 😉.
bnichols23 9 months ago
8. Started off like a house afire, & after #6 I got two right. Humph, I say HUMPH.
Kergooliewyn 9 months ago
11/15 Correct answers were lucky guesses. Incorrect answers, well... were not.😊
ClassicTVnut 9 months ago
9/15. The only one I knew for sure was #4. The rest all guesses.
lovemesomemetv 9 months ago
I will watch more METV! Especially The Beverly Hillbillies,Gomer,The Jetsons and all my other Favorites CAN I GET AN AMEN!!
JHP 9 months ago
and then #9

Andy was as good as a dancer as he was a guitar player - and heLLen doing the pony and getting a concussion
JHP 9 months ago
shanked all the western show ones - no surprise

do not get #12 at all - when was it a daddy on that show?

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