How well do you know these sports episodes of M*A*S*H?

Members of the 4077th weren't afraid to get into the ring, place a wager or race to finish in 1st.

Whether it was to pass the time, make things interesting or to finally beat those dreaded Marines at something, the 4077th M*A*S*H didn't shy away from sports, even when it got a little dicey. 

From teeing-off on the makeshift golf course to hosting their own Olympics, the 4077th may have (at times) lacked athletic ability, but there was no shortage of competitiveness. 

Can you answer our questions surrounding sports, games and competitions in this M*A*S*H quiz? 

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  1. In ''Requiem for a Lightweight,'' Trapper is the boxer for an inter-camp tournament. Though he doesn't want to box, why does he?
  2. In the same episode, what do Trapper and Hawkeye plan to use to sabotage his opponent?
  3. In the season one episode ''Cowboy,'' What happens when Henry takes his second shot on the ''par 29'' hole with Hawkeye?
  4. With money on the line, what sporting event back home is the camp listening to when an artillery barrage happens?
  5. Once again trying to leave North Korea, Corporal Klinger interrupts Henry in the middle of his golf swing on the first nice day of spring. What is his reasoning for wanting to leave in this scene?
  6. In the mess tent, Radar and others are listening to the ending of a baseball game. Frank makes things interesting with a bet, but already knows the outcome of the match, as it’s a rebroadcast from earlier in the day. Can you recall which team wins allowing Frank to collect the ''suckers'' money?
  7. This college football standout named Billy Tyler, who was a "sure-fire star for the pros" is forced to have his leg amputated. Can you recall which team he played for in college?
  8. Who delivers the knock-out punch to Frank in a boxing match between Sergeant Zale and Corporal Klinger?
  9. What is the winning prize when the 4077th holds an Olympic-style competition because the camp is out of shape?
  10. As opposite team captains of the camp Olympic games, Hawkeye and Hunnicutt make their own bet on which team will win. What was the bet?
  11. Who lights the ceremonial flame of the camp Olympic games?
  12. What was the first competition in the M*A*S*H Olympics?
  13. Who delivers the game-winning strike to defeat the Marines in a bowling match?
  14. Father Mulcahy must defeat Earl ''Jackrabbit'' LeMasters of the 8063rd in a race with multiple weeks of pay on the line. Can you recall how long the race was?

How well do you know these sports episodes of M*A*S*H?

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STTOS 4 months ago
You got 13 out of 14 - You delivered the knock-put punch on this quiz! Sprint over to another one! Should have been 14-14 but fat-fingered #10. Horse hockey!!
Cowgirl 14 months ago
You got 14 out of 14
You delivered the knock-put punch on this quiz! Sprint over to another one!
Stardoc 14 months ago
Missed the last one. Love to watch this show.
bripuck1 14 months ago
14/14. So easy. I watch m*a*s*h every day. I have been watching it since the beginning. My favorite show.
Ready2go 15 months ago
12/14. I've seen every episode a hundred times.
Randall 15 months ago
I can't watch that beautiful segment ( question #7) without crying, Gary is quite an actor!!
AllisonWunderland 15 months ago
4/14…Total Guess-o-Rama on this one 🥴
JHP 15 months ago

"like shooting fish in a barrel"


stay safe everyone "it's a jungle out there"
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