Who said it: Perry Mason or Sgt. Joe Friday?

They were the law and order of '50s/'60s Los Angeles.


Dragnet and Perry Mason pioneered the police procedural and courtroom drama, respectively. They also soared on the strength of their main characters, Sgt. Joe Friday and Mr. Mason himself.

They were tough. They were no-nonsense. And they were great at delivering authoritative speeches.

That got us thinking — can you tell the difference between a Friday speech and a Mason line? 

Guess which character said these lines!

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  1. "Kids today are missing out on the best thing; growing up as kids, not teenaged adults."
  2. "When you live in a society, you need to follow the rules or democratically change them. You don't break them."
  3. "Mr. Dameron... I've never before met a person so far removed from humanity that he believed every one of his own children capable of committing a murder."
  4. "Don't you con me with your mind-expansion slop. I deal with kids every day. I try to clean up the mess that people like you make out of 'em. I'm the expert here. You're not."
  5. "A good fisherman always keeps his eye on the other fishermen around him… to make sure they're not catching any bigger fish than he is."
  6. "No, sir. Murder is usually very simple. It's the getting away with it that's real complicated and tricky."
  7. "Just one thing: I have an unqualified aversion to being used. If I find it's happening here, I'll throw you to the wolves without the slightest compunction. That understood?"
  8. "Los Angeles, California. It's not a bad place for a boy to do his growing up. He can get a fine education, and it's free. Read all the books he wants for nothing. The scenery's hard to beat, and it doesn't cost anything either. There are a fair number of jobs available, and the pay's pretty good. He can go surfing in the morning, and skiing in the afternoon."
  9. "Albright may have seen himself in all sorts of romantic situations, But to Ida he was just a poor goose about to lay a golden egg. A five-thousand dollar golden egg."
  10. "You might tell them if they're ever tempted to pick up a lady on the highway, don't. If she's no lady, it could be murder."
  11. "You've grown up on instant orange juice. Flip a dial - instant entertainment. Dial seven digits - instant communication. Turn a key - push a pedal - instant transportation. Flash a card - instant money. Shove in a problem - push a few buttons - instant answers. But some problems you can't get quick answers for, no matter how much you want them."
  12. "They advised you of your constitutional rights before you opened your mouth. Now you're trying to tell us you didn't understand. Well, you're a liar. You understand what your rights were then just as you understand now."
  13. "What kind of happiness can you build on someone else's misfortune?"

Who said it: Perry Mason or Sgt. Joe Friday?

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seaeagle 14 months ago
12/13 - Didn't remember PM saying #2 but it seemed a bit highfalutin for Joe.
Anabel 40 months ago
Love these old school programs
JimRowley 40 months ago
I got 13 out of 13 I guess I know both shows too well. Grew up watching both know Dragnet too well.
LORANT 42 months ago
Luv watching METV and luv playing the nostalgia questions even more .These shows were great and remind me of when TV was at it’s best and reflected truth , morality and decency
MikefromJersey 43 months ago
Tonight, 0ct.24, on Antenna TV they are running the 1961 Jack Benny episode "Jack On Trial For Murder"
at 10:30. He gets Raymond Burr as Perry Mason to defend him, as who else would you get? Perry Mason fans, check it out.
jschliclbernd9 43 months ago
11/13 good ol preachy how Friday.
He had a voice. I could listen to his speeches all day.
trogg888 44 months ago
perry mason was cool friday not 'he was so far right that it was creepy
JohnPerry 44 months ago
To Chuck Johnson.....a key is what old farts like me used to use to start a car....back when we could all drive in public without needing a doctors note....or a hazmat suit....lol
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