Who is your classic TV boyfriend?

Here's a different kind of dating game for classic TV fans.

Hunks, dreamboats, bad boys, heroes — some of TV's best characters have, of course, also been crushworthy.

Do you know who your classic TV boyfriend would be if you were ever sucked into their fantasy world?

Take the quiz and find out if you belong going steady with Greg Brady, on the back of Fonzie's motorcycle, or with a special someone featured on your favorite show.

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  1. Where would you go on your ideal date?
  2. What is the most important quality in a boyfriend?
  3. Where does your TV boyfriend call home?
  4. What color is your TV boyfriend's hair?
  5. What type of car does your TV boyfriend drive?
  6. What talent does your TV boyfriend have?
  7. Which does your TV boyfriend like better?
  8. What's your TV boyfriend's favorite color?
  9. Where does your TV boyfriend live?
  10. Which TV show depicts your ideal world?

Who is your classic TV boyfriend?

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Katzi 30 months ago
Dobie Gillis??!! I'm taking this quiz over when I get a chance!! (I've never watched Dobie Gillis before .)
JohnnyBravo1955 54 months ago
Whenever I watch the Brady Bunch, I end up staring at Greg most of the time.

His eyes are a beautiful shade of blue.
ndebrabant 65 months ago

You got Adam Cartwright
The oldest son on Bonanza would be your perfect boyfriend, because he has the potential to build your dream house and the total confidence to smoke the competition when it comes to winning your heart.
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