Can we guess where you grew up based on your taste in music?

The pop you play will reveal the place you call home.

The music in your life says a lot about you. It reflects your mood, your roots. Heck, we've even used it to reveal your age.

Now, we have a hunch that your taste in tunes can trace us back to your hometown. Well, we're narrow it down to a region of the United States.

Let us know how we do. Here we go… and a one, and a two, and a three, and a…
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  1. What genre of music is the most quintessentially American?
  2. Okay, who is most deserving of the title "Greatest American Rock & Roll Band?
  3. Speaking of American bands, which R.E.M. album cover art do you think looks the coolest?
  4. Where is the best place to see a concert?
  5. Where were you most likely to buy an album?
  6. Did the call letters of your favorite radio stations begin with a "W" or a "K"?
  7. Which of the following TV shows had the greatest instrumental theme song?
  8. Pick a pop star.
  9. Which 1960s garage rock song or band sounds the most familiar? If you don't know any of them, thats okay. Just pick the one that looks the coolest. We'll still figure out where you lived.
  10. This all-American jukebox plays nothing but John Cougar Mellencamp singles. Pop in a nickel and pick one.
  11. Alright! We dig your taste in music. We're starting a band. What do you want to play?
Can we guess where you grew up based on your taste in music?

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