Which Western hero is stuck in these harrowing situations?

Can you guess who fought for their life in these dramatic moments?


Life in a Western series is not all poker games and drinks at the saloon. More often than not, characters find themselves in life-or-death situations. These harrowing scenes are what make shows like Gunsmoke, The Rifleman and many more so exciting to watch.

Here are ten Western heroes trapped, coerced or otherwise ensnared in dangerous scenes. Can you guess who is stuck in each sticky situation?

  1. Which U.S. Marshal was buried up to his neck in one episode?
  2. Who tried to defy gravity with a homemade pair of wings?
  3. Who was forced to be the bull in a crazed bullfighter's game?
  4. Who saved a woman from her wagon sinking into the river?
  5. Who was thrown to the ground in this bad wagon accident?
  6. Who got caught in this dust storm?
  7. Who was stuck with a less-than-desirable steed?
  8. Whose stagecoach was hijacked by frequent Western outlaw actor John Larch?
  9. Who came face to face with a forest fire?
  10. Who was threatened with hanging by a mad widow and her sons?

Which Western hero is stuck in these harrowing situations?

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Shatner1 35 months ago
Micah a US marshall? Since when? 9/10
graceful1970 Shatner1 35 months ago
Since always
kimmer 35 months ago
5/10....Hmmmm...might need to watch a western or two...or thee...lmao
Martanrick1975 35 months ago
10 out of 10 not bad, but I had to guess at some.
F5Twitster 35 months ago
"Which U.S. Marshal was buried up to his neck in one episode?"

Misleading question: Micah was a sheriff, not a marshal.
graceful1970 F5Twitster 35 months ago
He was a Marshall, not a Sheriff.
FrankCollins 35 months ago
They all got caught deep in the desert with no water, they all suffered from amnesia, they all came close to marriage but never married, they all got falsely accused of murder, they all got fooled by an evil but beautiful con woman, and the same plots over and over went on and on.
TerrenceYoungblood 35 months ago
For someone who doesn't watch these westerns, I did an awesome job👍
LeopardfeetKabc 35 months ago
I got them all, and I love the old westerns. But. It was easy having seen most of the episodes in the quiz so many times. Most of the shows ran at least 5 seasons, back when shows had 26 or more episodes per season. How about some new episodes of all the westerns instead of the same ones all the time. Same with the cartoons I thought it was going to be a treat to watch Bugs and the gang and some others, but again the same ones over and over and over.
JulieTV 35 months ago
8 out of 10! That is pretty good!
Muleskinner 35 months ago
10/10. A couple were pretty tough.
TheOnlyONE 35 months ago
10/10. Bring back the Westerns!!!
Zip 35 months ago
Says I got 8/10, but it is actually 9/10 because I knew #2 was a Bonanza episode because I remember watching it. But the dumb ads moved my screen the second I clicked on Hoss Cartwright.

And #6 I didn't think looked like Lucas McCain, and even though I watch that show a lot, I didn't remember that episode with the dust storm.
MikefromJersey Zip 35 months ago
Hi Zip,
I got 8 for 10 as well. As for Dan Blocker, that pic was actually the stuntman he had for most
of Bonanza. You can tell by his hair.
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