How well do you know the classic Lost in Space episode ''Visit to a Hostile Planet''?

The Robinsons finally make it back to earth… but it’s not the same Earth they left!


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Irwin Allen’s history-hopping adventure series The Time Tunnel may have gotten canceled after one season, but that wasn’t his only outlet for time travel stories. His most famous series, Lost in Space, featured one such tale right after Time Tunnel got the axe. Coincidence? We doubt it.

“Visit to a Hostile Planet” is one of the best installments featuring the space-bound Robinson family. For one thing, they finally make it back to earth! But, of course, it’s not exactly the home they remember.

How well do you remember this classic episode? Put your knowledge to the test below!

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  1. A time warp sends the Jupiter 2 back to Earth during which year?
  2. The Jupiter 2 landed in the parking area of a sawmill located where?
  3. Craig is played by which actor?
  4. To blend in and assume control of the town’s citizens, Dr. Smith poses as what?
  5. Joe Cragmire, played by Robert Foulk, preferred to be addressed by which rank?
  6. The Robinsons are mistaken for hostile aliens by the local citizens. What do the citizens call the Robinsons?
  7. Judy and Penny are captured by Craig while gathering what?
  8. What time did John Robinson state the Jupiter 2 was taking off?
  9. Will was given food by Joe Cragmire's daughter. What was her name?
  10. Dr. Smith threatens to destroy the Jupiter 2 using what?
  11. The townspeople's fear of the Robinsons was fueled by what?
  12. "Visit to a Hostile Planet" originally aired on which date?

How well do you know the classic Lost in Space episode ''Visit to a Hostile Planet''?

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LarryLeeMoniz 12 months ago
I got 12 out of 12! This is my favorite episode, largely to do with the full sized Jupiter 2, and seeing the characters in the natural sunlight on Earth! Fun Fact: At the end of the episode when Craig (Robert Pine) reports the "UFO" flying off, he incorrectly mentioned the name of his home town as Manitou Falls instead of Manitou Junction!
Stranger56 27 months ago
7/12...I was never a great fan of this episode...kind of reminded me of "Green Acres meets Lost in Space".
TheOnlyONE 35 months ago
12 out of 12 good episode. Who would've guess Robert Pine's son would end up as the Captain of the Enterprise in the New Star Trek movies?
LH 35 months ago
8/12. I really should’ve known this better because I remember this episode pretty well… But obviously not as well as I thought I remembered it!
Unvmyvdub 35 months ago
One of the best episodes with all the outdoor scenes. I got 12/12 on the quiz.

There were 2 seasons of the Time Tunnel not one as stated above.
LarryLeeMoniz Unvmyvdub 12 months ago
Actually, that's wrong. There were two seasons of "Land Of The Giants." Only one season of "The Time Tunnel."
Jamesatkinson 35 months ago
3 out of 12 😒, apparently I need to watch more Lost in Space, especially this particular episode. 😝
mojomoonjo 35 months ago
Just watched & still missed 2! 🤪
RichMorgana 35 months ago
I got 10 out of 12. I guess I remembered it better than I thought. It was one of my favorite episodes.
Steve2021 35 months ago
Warning,Warning ! Will Robinson.....Shut up you bumbling idiot !
kevopilis 35 months ago
10 for 12, not bad, not one of my favorite episodes though. Lost in Space still holds
up, and Penny is so cute. Like Mary Ann. I know some think the show gets too silly,
perhaps it does, but 3 seasons- and still on t.v. For being lost, they sure run into a lot
of people... I wonder where all those cobwebs come from in the ruins and caves they always
seem to find.
DuanneWalton 35 months ago
[image= THE PAIN!.png]
Mac2Nite 35 months ago
5/12... all guesses because after the 1st season I stopped watching. I was a Guy Williams fan and it seemed like it had great intentions starting out, but then Irwin Allen decided to let the fans who liked the Dr Smith/Will slapstick routines and Batman's outrageous spoofing, influence the direction the series took. Ugh... thy might as well have put it Batman's BOOF.... BAM..... POW... CRASH... Holy Jupiter 2! into the screen shots....😥
Nadya92129 Mac2Nite 35 months ago
I read that the producers liked the interaction between Will and Dr. Smith, so the scripts included the other cast members out!
JoeSHill 35 months ago
I seriously enjoyed this episode because after the show's second season and some of the less than greater episodes, "LOST IN SPACE"s "Visit To A Hostile Planet" was actually quite good, giving the cast a chance to work outside of the 20th Century Fox Alien planet set, and using the two-story Jupiter Two prop, not since Season One's "The Derelict". But, the characters in this episode were almost like those Hooterville lunatics from "GREEN ACRES", especially the paranoid police idiots who called The Robinson crew "Voltones". But, inspite of the typical flaws in "LOST IN SPACE", this was still a great episode, especially since The Robinsons saw The Earth again, even if it was The Earth in 1947, the episode was certainly a departure from the usual. The special effects footage of The Jupiter Two in the Earth's sky was also impressive. In 1982, that very same footage was used on an ABC series called "NO SOAP RADIO".
Shatner1 35 months ago
11/12. Don and Judy killed in those silver suits!!!!
RayPopp 35 months ago
My favorite episode. Got 11 out of 12 . Tonight I'm going to record it for myself.
JC 35 months ago
You got 5 out of 12.....saw this episode only once I'm surprised I got 5.
Mac2Nite JC 35 months ago
Same here.... LOL.
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