We can guess your age based on your favorite version of each Looney Tunes character

Do you prefer the classic cartoons or a more modern take?

When characters stand the test of time as long as Bugs and Daffy have, the original versions inevitably bump up against newer iterations. Some people welcome a refresh while others stick to the originals and nothing else.

We’ve put together a variety of versions of each Looney Tunes character ranging from very early cartoons to 21st-century reboots of Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Elmer, and the rest.

Pick which iteration you like the best and we'll guess your age. Find out if we can get it right!

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  1. Which version of Bugs Bunny is your favorite?
  2. Which version of Daffy Duck is your favorite?
  3. Which version of Porky Pig is your favorite?
  4. Which version of Elmer Fudd is your favorite?
  5. Which version of Sylvester is your favorite?
  6. Which version of Tweety is your favorite?
  7. Which version of Yosemite Sam is your favorite?
  8. Which version of Wile E. Coyote is your favorite?
  9. Which version of Foghorn Leghorn is your favorite?
  10. Which lesser-known Looney Tunes character is your favorite?

We can guess your age based on your favorite version of each Looney Tunes character

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Bethal21 3 days ago
Hahahaha it says im 72. I turn 35 in a few days. My mama just raised me right and i enjoy the classics.
OHC 12 days ago
14 years younger than I am
LzGoshert 13 days ago
"You are 64! You remember watching the classic cartoons on TV in the '60s and those will always be your favorite. Did we get it right?"

Nope! I'm 42, but I did grow up watching cartoons from that era.
JanFresh 14 days ago
Off by 44 years, but okay...😂
knezevich 17 days ago
It thought I was 64, when I am only 21 lol
L 19 days ago
Because of my choices, I am 21.

I only WISH I was that young again.

I just turned 59.
cindys4runner99 22 days ago
You guessed my age at 45, and I'll be 54. I just love MeTv. And I love watching Tune in with Me. And then the daily programming. And I have a date every Saturday night with Svengooglie.
CheryldeLusignan 29 days ago
Dorien de Lusignan here. Y'all guessed my age spot-on, exact age. I really enjoy the show. Bill, and Toonie to a lesser degree, actually present historical information. In particular I get a kick out of much of the music that accompanies the films / movies. Todays "Three Little Bops" featured narration of Stan Freberg and music of Shorty Rogers (1924–1994). He produced, directed and performed an impressive catalogue of musical productions in his life, even playing is well known Big Bands. Thank you for the entertainment sll week and especially the Saturday shows that have very classic music and Characters, many that are Smithsonian subjects. Thanks for being there Y'all. By the way, I forgot to mention that your female hostess is a great addition with much talent and a fine history of her own. Thanks again, this 72 year old man finds much entertainment, memories and information watching you. Keep on keeping on. In Christ, Dorien de Lusignan
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