We can guess your age based on your favorite version of each Looney Tunes character

Do you prefer the classic cartoons or a more modern take?

When characters stand the test of time as long as Bugs and Daffy have, the original versions inevitably bump up against newer iterations. Some people welcome a refresh while others stick to the originals and nothing else.

We’ve put together a variety of versions of each Looney Tunes character ranging from very early cartoons to 21st-century reboots of Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Elmer, and the rest.

Pick which iteration you like the best and we'll guess your age. Find out if we can get it right!

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  1. Which version of Bugs Bunny is your favorite?
  2. Which version of Daffy Duck is your favorite?
  3. Which version of Porky Pig is your favorite?
  4. Which version of Elmer Fudd is your favorite?
  5. Which version of Sylvester is your favorite?
  6. Which version of Tweety is your favorite?
  7. Which version of Yosemite Sam is your favorite?
  8. Which version of Wile E. Coyote is your favorite?
  9. Which version of Foghorn Leghorn is your favorite?
  10. Which lesser-known Looney Tunes character is your favorite?

We can guess your age based on your favorite version of each Looney Tunes character

Your Result...

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mstormer2000 5 months ago
Wow! This quiz guessed my age right EXACTLY!! I am 21 years old currently, will be 22 years old on October 12th!!
ElwooodBlues 7 months ago
Close but no cigar. Guessed 72; 70 is the correct number. I don’t know if I should be flattered that they think I’m mature for my age or insulted because they think I’m old than I am.
ysusank49 9 months ago
No way 21 years. Not even close.. Try 72 years
BunnyEars65 9 months ago
64??? Just because I liked the old Porky Pig???
Tazz1982 9 months ago
No I'm 39, just an enthusiast of the original Looney tunes cartoons and my exact favorite is Taz the tasmanian devil. Big time enthusiast
bukhrn 11 months ago
57 !!! WAY off, only missed it by 18 years.
LovetheShow 11 months ago
Pretty darn close, only missed my age by one year! What year that was, shall remain a mystery!
Thanks for all the laffs on Toon in With ME!!
strike78 13 months ago
your 29 years off im 43 and it guessed 72 lol....
frances3agape strike78 5 months ago
WOW - the wrong guess about you must be the record
CATSMEW 13 months ago
You're three years off, I'm 60!:
HappilyQuirky 14 months ago
It guessed 64 for me; I’m 42. 🤣
country46 15 months ago
said I was 57 I'm 63 good enough
OrsonTheMaus246 15 months ago
You are 72!
You have a special connection to the original Looney Tunes cartoons. They were still showing in theaters when you were a kid! No new version can come close to the quality of those classic shorts. Did we get it right?
Cool, you got that too
Even though I'm only 13, I still catch up on cartoons A lot
TheSentinel 15 months ago
It guessed 45 for me, but off by six years - I'm 51.

As for #10, my real answer would've been none of the above because I didn't really like any of them, but since I had to give an answer to see the result since "None of the above" wasn't an option, I picked F.
Destynee1 15 months ago
Y'all are off on my age by over 25 years.. Guessed me as 72!! Lol.. Have always loved the older cartoons
1memyselfandI 15 months ago
I love to watch older movies, older cartoons and older series way before I was born.
Today's (2021) programming is way to offensive.
I can't understand the humor of today where people think it is funny when others get hurt! There is nothing funny about it!
1memyselfandI 15 months ago
No, my age is way off from what was guessed!
I am way younger than that. Missed it by over 14 years!
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