Which series did Phyllis Coates not make an appearance on?

The talented actress made appearances on several hit series.

The name Lois Lane is one that many viewers hold close to their hearts. In 1951, the film Superman and the Mole Men made its way to the big screens worldwide. Today, we can name many successful actresses that played the role, but at the time, Phyllis Coates was the leading lady.

Although this was seen as one of her biggest gigs, the actress appeared in over a hundred films and television shows. Coates began her industry journey at a young age, 17 years old, signing a lengthy contract with 20th Century Fox. Talk about a long history of success!

It might be tricky, but can you guess the series Coates did not make an appearance on?

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  1. Which hit series did Phyllis Coates not make an appearance on?

Which series did Phyllis Coates not make an appearance on?

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Runeshaper 1 month ago
2nd guess. Love ❤️ Lois Lane!
DZee 1 month ago
I hope having this question means that MAYBE MeTV is going to bring back the Adventures of Superman. It's on their sister station Heroes & Icons.
Barry22 1 month ago
Wow! A lucky first guess. I have seen her on The Lone Ranger.
Bigwheel1 1 month ago
Correct! Coates never made an appearance on The Beverly Hillbillies! First try
bagandwallyfan52 1 month ago
I would like to see BLACK SADDLE and
The Lone Ranger and The Adventures
Of Aupwrman. Before Russell Johnson
got Shipwreaked on Gilligan's Island as
Professor Roy Hinkley Russell Johnson played Marshall Gib Scott on Black Saddle.Russell Johnson can be seen on
The Twilight Zone right around 12:30am
This Saturday October 29th.
In the Twilight Zone episode THE CHARACTER THAT Russell Johnson played Traveled back in time and he tried to prevent the assisination of President Lincoln.
daDoctah 1 month ago
I was sure this was going to be a trick question, considering all the fun people (Svengoolie and others) have been having pointing out that *everybody* appeared on Perry Mason at some point, that Coates would be the one recognizable face that somehow managed to miss that credit.
retro6 1 month ago
2nd try. I misread the question.
CaptainDunsel 1 month ago
Wowzer! First try!
Weeeelll doggies!
BrittReid 1 month ago
Lucky on the first guess! Lois Lane.
justjeff 1 month ago
A rarity... I nailed it on the first try! Yay me!
texasluva 1 month ago
Took me 3 times. Never seen Crossroads nor Willy.
tnminnow 1 month ago
6 tried. Had to get it correct eventually, I was running out of squares. 😂
ncadams27 1 month ago
The episode of Leave it to Beaver that she appeared in was directed by her then-husband Norman Tokar.
Now that is a trivia piece I did not know of her married to the Director of that episode! She is now 95, will be 96 this upcoming Jan. 15, 2023. Born in Wichita Falls, Texas. I've seen her in "The Adventures of Superman", "Leave It To Beaver" ("New Neighbors", Season 1, Episode 5, as 'Betty Donaldson' on Nov. 1, 1957). Directed by Norman Tokar. Married to him from Aug. 27, 1955 to their May 2, 1960 divorce.

The famous Superman episode, "Night of Terror" had this result: "Was accidentally punched during filming of Adventures of Superman: Night of Terror (1952), knocking her unconscious. The actor who punched her apologized profusely, but the actual punch was left in the episode, as there was no time to reshoot the scene."

She had one of the greatest 'screams' of any Hollywood actress, and in that magical first (violent!) season of "Superman" she let out many a great scream from her scary circumstance! A memorable actress, just as Noel Neill was in playing 'Lois' after that first season of 24 episodes in 1952, after her appearance in the 1951 "Superman and the Mole Men in 1951 when she was 24. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0167659

I also recently saw her once again in a "Lone Ranger" episode, "The Woman in the White Mask" as 'Jane Johnson' in 1955, at 28.
Thanks for the info that most people didn't know. I had to look it up to share the actual footage. I read most of the movies/TV episodes from trivia section. Some have very interesting things such as other actors possible up for a part. Who knows the outcomes of many a movie would have been different in our eyes.
Superman Double Punch (With Phillis being knocked out by actor) --
ncadams27 1 month ago
I didn’t think it was any of the shows that MeTV doesn’t air. Everybody appeared on Gunsmoke! I remember her appearance on Leave it to Beaver and Perry Mason. The only show left was The Beverly Hillbillies. She played Lois Lane on season one of The Adventures of Superman (the mean Lois).
justjeff ncadams27 1 month ago
For me, I didn't find her "the mean Lois"... I saw her as a self-assured, no-nonsense reporter who could hold her own against any male counterpart... but "to each his own"...
BrittReid justjeff 1 month ago
She was the best Lois Lane and the black and white episodes were far superior to the color ones. Not to mention she had a great SCREAM!
justjeff BrittReid 1 month ago
Exactly.. and with all due respect to Noel Neill, Phyllis was *much* prettier! (She looked closer to the comic book Lois)...
teire 1 month ago
First try, just seemed most likely of the ones I didn’t know for sure.
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