Quick: Which of these 10 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' episodes is your favorite?

See how your answer stacks up with other 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' fans.


If you're a fan of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, there's a good chance you like just about every episode. The anthology series hosted by "The Master of Suspense" has a very Hitchcock way of dragging you in and keeping you entertained, no matter what episode is on. 

Whether they're the spookiest, strangest or simply what you deem the "best," every season of the show had strong episodes. 

We've compiled some of the best episodes from the series into a list of 10.

Take the poll below and decide which of these 10 classic episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents is your favorite. Tell us in the comments how similar your response is to the rest of the MeTV community! 

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  1. Here are just SOME of the best Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes. Which is your favorite?

Quick: Which of these 10 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' episodes is your favorite?

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robyni23 20 months ago
And So Died Riabouchinska - Season 1, episode 20: A ventriloquist with a very lifelike puppet is accused of a murder at a vaudeville theater.
100% similar
100% similar to the most popular responses
drcrumpler 20 months ago
The Sorceror's Apprentice...I know the circumstances behind the delay of its showing, and when I saw it for the first time, I loved it. I have read Robert Bloch's short story & his written word is just a bit better than the episode but either way you get to it, the payoff at the end is beautiful
Kergooliewyn 21 months ago
"And So Died Riabouchinska".
Between Claude Rains and that beautiful doll, it was my favorite by far.
Closely followed by... "The Case of Mr. Pelham", whose bad taste In ties was his undoing.
ClassicTVnut 21 months ago
100% It was between "And So Died Riabouchinska" or "The Case of Mr. Pelham". But it was Claudia Rains performance that sealed it for me.
Pegg3 21 months ago
Howling Man is my fav
Lantern Pegg3 20 months ago
I believe Howling Man was from The Twilight Zone.
dorothysfriend 21 months ago
My personal favorite is "Specialty Of The House" with Robert Morley.
HGN2001 21 months ago
My favorite has always been "An Unlocked Window", one of the hour-long shows.
grandpa5741 21 months ago
I have seen all of these a few times and still very much enjoy them. So glad ME TV has them. ⚰️
Wendy57 21 months ago
Ventriloquists are always a bit creepy.
AgingDisgracefully 21 months ago
Not sure what episode this was, but my favorite features Alfie's comment: "Be sure to leave an effigy burning in the window."
An important thing to consider as Halloween approaches.
McGillahooala 21 months ago
100% similar. The ventriloquist one.
CaptainDunsel 21 months ago
I haven't seen most (if any) of these, so I picked "Special Delivery" because it seemed the most interesting.
My actual favorite is "Human Interest Story", with Steve McQueen as a newspaper reporter checking out Arthur Hill's rather strange delusion.
sputnik_57 21 months ago
I don't know which one of these is my favorites...I'm in bed at 1-2:00am. I seldom get to see AHP.
MrsPhilHarris 21 months ago
70% similar. I picked the one about the haunted house.
Lantern 21 months ago
I don't know the title of the episode, but my favorite is the one where June Lockhart, as the new bride of a guy she met through a lonely hearts club, comes to believe he's plotting to kill her, based on the perceived suspicious death of the guy's first wife. Spoiler Alert: It has a heartbreaking ending. (This is one of the hour-long episodes.)
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