Which of these shows did Joe Namath guest star on?

This athlete was scoring touchdowns and acting roles.


It's not often that an NFL player crushes it not only as an athlete but as an actor as well. Joe Namath was the man that did it all. He could be seen on our television screens in a New York Jets uniform or as himself or in character on classic shows. He's a part of our Me Madness celebrity guest stars competition, but do you know which shows he guest-starred on?

Good luck, and remember to lock in your votes!

  1. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  2. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  3. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  4. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  5. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  6. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  7. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  8. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?

Which of these shows did Joe Namath guest star on?

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BuckeyeEd 15 months ago
My brother met Broadway Joe at a Florida golf course in 2019, and said he couldn’t possibly have been a nicer guy. My brother gave him a golf ball with The Ohio State Buckeyes logo on it, and Joe told him the nicest story about Woody Hayes.
GTStang08 16 months ago
6/8...I'm not and never was a huge fan of the guy...but I remember Namath in my youth, he was popular. He introduced that Brut Faberge to my brother and I. My dad and us used that stuff...and "Hai-Karate" of course...lol
Deleted 16 months ago
This comment has been removed.
texasluva 16 months ago
It appears you have not been around Metv for the past few years. There is a movie quiz but usually in arrears of current postings a week or a month so there is limited traffic. You might be the 3rd complaint in 3 years. They will be kept further back as to not interfere those posting to past postings. Usual traffic is close to zero after a couple of weeks. I did get a reply from one 28 months ago. Prior to that there had been only one 23 months ago on the story/quiz. We all post to daily postings. You and anyone else are welcomed to the Friday Nights Movie Quiz (9 P.M) to a designated location.
GTStang08 16 months ago
I see. Actually, I've been with MeTV for some time now. I've always used it to check on the scheduling, but lately find myself taking quizzes. So I see your point, no worries. I just thought that (the uploading) was being misused and didn't want it to spoil anything. Oh, and let your friend know that I'm not a troll trying to stir up anything...lol I don't have time for that. Ole Joe Namath...why he introduced Brut Faberge to my brother and I...lol
P.S. I'll remove the post and just leave my score. I wasn't aware, so it's on me. Enjoy the rest of your day.
texasluva 16 months ago
It is okay. I had no idea until a person that is in the quizzer group told me to check above. There are like 5-6 of us that are in the Movie Quiz group. I have access to over 1000 movies. I do a quiz based on clues and also entertainment along with 2 bonus movies. When someone gives the right guess on a movie then I give them credit and also they get the movie link. Most of the Movie quizzes are from 1930's to current. I tend to do the quizzes with classics and bonus movies any era. You don't even have to play but come by and grab the movies or chat with others. The movies are located at IA (internet Archives) using the direct link address to watch. You only need to copy and paste and put into your browser and it will play. Some it just starts and some you need to click an arrow. I am talking most every movie you can think of though some are deleted at any given time and some up for years. I have found Pulp Fiction only to lose it 4 different times this past 2 years. Others hard to come by but have now. Bridge On The River Kawi. Have all the Scream series except 2022 which I located but it was deleted. I have most of Clint Eastwood movies from the 1950's to 2019. All the Dirty Harry ones, The Good Bad an The Ugly. I have Spartacus and a dozen Kirt Douglas Movies. Most all of Alfred Hitchcock. I also found just 2 weeks ago Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) which won Academy Awards. Double Indemnity, The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre ( 1948) and most all Bogart ones. Here's what you can do if wished. Go back in my timeline and find quizzes. You will get over 200+ movies I posted most every Friday the past 2+ years. I also give movies during the week on a regular basis. The Ten Commandants, both Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956 and 1978). The Shining and with directors cut. Just gave out Good Fellas a week ago. TOS every episode. I just gave out the whole The Fugitive Series. The first Oceans Eleven (1960). The Quizzers are really smart and can get a movie (most times) in a couple of minutes or less. So when I do trick them on a movie it might take 20 min. The entertainment I provide is mostly from YT and 40's to 70's. Movies are all at IA. Most of Tom Hanks movies. A ton of Sci-Fi and horror genre, Jodie Foster movies like Contact, Silence of the Lambs and Taxi Driver. World War Z. Raging Bull, Casino. Below I am going to put a movie at random. You just copy and past into browser. Also have most Vincent Price thrillers. On IA they are now at 600 billion web pages. Movies, music, libraries, posters, hobbies and anything someone can post. I do not upload. I collect. Some have taken me a few years to find because if they are not hidden then it is possible it gets removed. Everything there that you look for is legal to watch or collect into a favorites page you are given when signing up. No cost. Site has been there for 20+ years.

Unforgiven ( 1992)
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood---Gene Hackman---Morgan Freeman---Richard Harris-
Also click the larger screen icon. Some of the older movies are of a different format and screen may be 3/4 of a screen. If you use comcast you can play on your TV. Movie address below. Do not use a period at the end of the link or it will not connect. There is no catch whatsoever. Again don't worry about your posting and thanks for understanding. Most movies are from 480P to 1080P. You can play it on your cell phone if wished, any device.


GTStang08 16 months ago
Ah, it's a free movie group thing. Thanks for the information. Funny thing, I've had the Internet Archives saved to my favorites for several years, but have other movie resources that I use as well. They have a huge library of movies to include, some really good documentaries. Friday's at 9pm...I'll stop by sometime...thanks again!
texasluva 16 months ago
Looks like LoveMeTV22 took that leap of faith and grabbed our MQ movie. Congrats LMTV

Niagara (1953) 1 hr 30 min- Film-Noir--Thriller
Henry Hathaway
Marilyn Monroe---Joseph Cotten---Jean Peters---Max Showalter--
As two couples are visiting Niagara Falls, tensions between one wife and her husband reach the level of murder.


texasluva 16 months ago
This wonderful movie I have shown sometime ago and it was deleted on IA. Finding it in this superb condition was a pleasant surprise.
It's a standard tale of love, betrayal, and murder set against a magnificent backdrop and given spark by spirited performances. Well worth seeing. Both lead actors have been in many a block-buster movie. Innocuous facades conceal quarrels, discontent and eventually murder in this Film-Noir Thriller. This is a suspenseful and entertaining movie, which makes great use of the scenery surroundings that keeps you riveted to your seats. With a spectacular ending you shan't forget. One actors life cut short years later.

Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night (1976)---

225 Movies Dance Mashup with "Don't Start Now" --

My top 10 Dorothy Kilgallen's moments on What's my line---

The Greenhouse Jungle in 12 Minutes---

Must-See TV: Friday, Nov. 4, 1966---

Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 - 7/21/1970 - Tanglewood (give it time to start then rocks!)---

Bonus Movies-

True Lies (1994)- Action--Comedy-- Thriller
James Cameron
Arnold Schwarzenegger---Jamie Lee Curtis---Tom Arnold---
Bill Paxton---Tia Carrere---Art Malik-


The Barefoot Contessa (1954)-Crime--Drama--Mystery-
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Humphrey Bogart---Ava Gardner---Edmond O'Brien---
Marius Goring---Valentina Cortese-


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LoveMETV22 texasluva 15 months ago
" I had found these at his site that some complained. Do you mean when you download it has no HTTPS?"
Well , I didn't look at the address bar @ the time.specifically looking for the "S", I do recall the address was super long though.
My anti virus and firewall said missing
http2 protocol. My firewall wanted to allow changes for the particular movie I was watching
( Nope, not going to do that). It would be guesswork or require research. Just trust my anti-virus and firewall also VLC players prompts first. Perhaps the particular user has no problems as those movies reside on w/e device he is using. Just cautious otherwise.
texasluva LoveMETV22 15 months ago
MQ tonight @: Which Twilight Zone episodes are these Jack Klugman scenes from?
texasluva KJExpress 15 months ago
MQ tonight @: Which Twilight Zone episodes are these Jack Klugman scenes from?
texasluva MrsPhilHarris 15 months ago
MQ tonight @: Which Twilight Zone episodes are these Jack Klugman scenes from?
AllisonWunderland 16 months ago
👋 Gonna charge my iPad up!
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Hmmmm, not too sure about Body Snatchers tho 🤨
I have actually seen Body Snatchers, believe it or not. And I saw, and preferred, the original version. But not usually my cup of tea. 🫖
Okay, I think I’ll pass on that one 🤭
MQ tonight @: Which Twilight Zone episodes are these Jack Klugman scenes from?
CouchPotato987 16 months ago
I didn’t know Joe was on the Love 💕 Boat. I knew he was on The Brady Bunch and most of those other shows, but never the Love 💕 Boat.
JayBurd 16 months ago
4 of 8.
I guess he'll be back hawking medicare supplementary insurance soon
JHP 16 months ago

Where in what ep did he wear the nylons?? Gees. On some of these it was what I call year hint - there was no FN way Joe was on TAGS
Moody JHP 16 months ago
He wore them while playing because he claimed they kept his legs warm in the cold December games in NY. I remember hearing about that back then. My dad laughed his a.. off when he heard about it.
Coldnorth Moody 16 months ago
They would have been nice to have in the (Frozen Tundra) of Green Bay, Wisconsin too
cperrynaples Moody 16 months ago
Well, that explains the pantyhose commercial...LOL!
dodgebob 16 months ago
4/8, I'm going back to bed.
JHP dodgebob 16 months ago
well have a good coffee 1st:)
dodgebob JHP 16 months ago
( : ~ )
JHP dodgebob 16 months ago
can you imagine any pro athlete doing that now? Ahhhh yes when times were semi-carefree and we could take it W/O BS from a segment of society
Coldnorth dodgebob 16 months ago
Nite nite
dodgebob Coldnorth 16 months ago
texasluva 16 months ago
Broadway Joe was into most everything after his self proclaimed I guarantee it (Super Bowl win) He was sought-after for many commercials. It didn't matter what it was or who wore it.

Joe Namath pantyhose 😲😜 👉🏻😎👈🏻 He's a star

Joe gets creamed 😉-
Noxema with Farrah-
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cperrynaples texasluva 16 months ago
Not sure, but I think you meant the boots! It's obscene how much they charge for footwear,isn't it?
JHP texasluva 16 months ago
did he get paid for that?! I'd done it for free:)
Moody cperrynaples 16 months ago
Really? Still with the tasteless jokes?
cperrynaples Moody 16 months ago
WTH? When i said obscene, I meant the boots cost too much...LOL!
vinman63 16 months ago
I got the last one wrong. I was surprised that Joe never did the carol Burnett show.
MalachiCrunch 16 months ago
I only remember The Brady Bunch and The Simpson's.
Love Boat and Fantasy Island seemed obvious. Who wasn't on them?
Jimo 16 months ago
No touch down for me alot of dropped passes......4/8!
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