Which of these shows did Joe Namath guest star on?

This athlete was scoring touchdowns and acting roles.

It's not often that an NFL player crushes it not only as an athlete but as an actor as well. Joe Namath was the man that did it all. He could be seen on our television screens in a New York Jets uniform or as himself or in character on classic shows. He's a part of our Me Madness celebrity guest stars competition, but do you know which shows he guest-starred on?

Good luck, and remember to lock in your votes!

  1. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  2. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  3. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  4. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  5. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  6. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  7. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?
  8. Which show did Joe Namath guest star on?

Which of these shows did Joe Namath guest star on?

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AllisonWunderland 4 hours ago
👋 Gonna charge my iPad up!
Get it ready to go. Maybe tonight's gonna be your night!
Now that's really funny 🤣-
AllisonWunderland texasluva 15 minutes ago
I know, right? 🤭
CouchPotato987 4 days ago
I didn’t know Joe was on the Love 💕 Boat. I knew he was on The Brady Bunch and most of those other shows, but never the Love 💕 Boat.
JayBurd 4 days ago
4 of 8.
I guess he'll be back hawking medicare supplementary insurance soon
JHP 4 days ago

Where in what ep did he wear the nylons?? Gees. On some of these it was what I call year hint - there was no FN way Joe was on TAGS
Moody JHP 4 days ago
He wore them while playing because he claimed they kept his legs warm in the cold December games in NY. I remember hearing about that back then. My dad laughed his a.. off when he heard about it.
Coldnorth Moody 4 days ago
They would have been nice to have in the (Frozen Tundra) of Green Bay, Wisconsin too
cperrynaples Moody 3 days ago
Well, that explains the pantyhose commercial...LOL!
audie65 4 days ago
Best Brady Bunch episode ever!! Broadway Joe!!
dodgebob 5 days ago
4/8, I'm going back to bed.
JHP dodgebob 4 days ago
well have a good coffee 1st:)
dodgebob JHP 4 days ago
( : ~ )
JHP dodgebob 4 days ago
can you imagine any pro athlete doing that now? Ahhhh yes when times were semi-carefree and we could take it W/O BS from a segment of society
texasluva 6 days ago
Broadway Joe was into most everything after his self proclaimed I guarantee it (Super Bowl win) He was sought-after for many commercials. It didn't matter what it was or who wore it.

Joe Namath pantyhose 😲😜 👉🏻😎👈🏻 He's a star

Joe gets creamed 😉-
Noxema with Farrah-
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cperrynaples texasluva 5 days ago
Not sure, but I think you meant the boots! It's obscene how much they charge for footwear,isn't it?
JHP texasluva 4 days ago
did he get paid for that?! I'd done it for free:)
Moody cperrynaples 4 days ago
Really? Still with the tasteless jokes?
cperrynaples Moody 3 days ago
WTH? When i said obscene, I meant the boots cost too much...LOL!
vinman63 6 days ago
I got the last one wrong. I was surprised that Joe never did the carol Burnett show.
MalachiCrunch 6 days ago
I only remember The Brady Bunch and The Simpson's.
Love Boat and Fantasy Island seemed obvious. Who wasn't on them?
Jimo 6 days ago
No touch down for me alot of dropped passes......4/8!
daDoctah 6 days ago
Did he do any of these shows when he had the Fu Manchu mustache?

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JHP Coldnorth 4 days ago
I guess now he's on Blue Bloods - that show has got him in a dark suit every episode and he eating at some table (I don't watch the show -I would tear out what is left of my gray ones:)
Coldnorth JHP 3 days ago
I’m not a fan of that show. I would rather daydream of him the way he looked in Magnum Pi. Pure eye candy
cperrynaples JHP 3 days ago
Yep, and would you believe he worked with Mae West in Myra Breckenridge? He also sells reverse morgages!
JHP cperrynaples 3 days ago
Yikes I didn't know any of that:)
cperrynaples 6 days ago
Tough bonus: Name the sitcom where Joe played a high school basketball coach! Extra tough bonus: Name the star who rejected the script! Hint: Instead, he chose to do one of the most popular shows of the '70's/'80's! Arguably, the best known TV star of that era!
Bapa1 cperrynaples 5 days ago
I had to look it up, I got curious. Larry Hagman! And he was smart to turn it down. They filmed only nine episodes, and to make matters worse, showed only three. Then got cancelled.
cperrynaples Bapa1 5 days ago
Yep, and here's the story: Hagman did a bunch of bad sitcoms after Jeannie! This script came in at the same time as another more dramatic script! He asked his wife which one should he pick and her response was,"Larry, anyone could play a coach, but you're the only actor who could play J.R.Ewing!" The rest is history!
Mblack cperrynaples 4 days ago
The Good Life, 15 episodes i 1971 with Donna Mills.

Here We Go Again , 13 episodes in 1973.

Classic tv.
cperrynaples Mblack 3 days ago
Yep, I saw them both! Bonus Questions: [1] What MeTV star played Hagman's first wife on HWGA? [2] What MeTV show proably "killed" HWGA?
[1] Nina Talbot, best remembered as a Russian spy on Hogan's Heroes! [2] Of course, it was All In The Family, which will be part of Classy Comedy [currently Decades]!
Bapa1 6 days ago
7/8, and guessed on some of them.
tootsieg 6 days ago
7/8. Missed #8. I was sure JN popped up on Carol Burnett.
By the way, no one wore a fur coat like Joe Namath. 😊
AnnieM 6 days ago
I got 3/8 - not a big surprise to me. What *was* a surprise is that he never guested on the Carol Burnett Show (if the quiz is accurate); it seemed like everyone back then was on her show at least once or twice.
cperrynaples AnnieM 6 days ago
Well, he definitely did Laugh-In! I would have included it if I had written the quiz!
JHP cperrynaples 4 days ago
have to agree with you - NOW please Me-Tv can you get laugh In for us smart (who still have it upstairs) old farts and fart-etts? Maybe the yung-uns would appreciate the humor -instead of mike and molly or other tripe (laugh track omitted HAHA)
cperrynaples JHP 3 days ago
It's on Decades, but might not make it to Classy Comedy! Proably because of the "chicken jokes" ...LOL! It's better to watch on Freevee where there are no cuts!
Looks like their moving it to a different time slot.
7:00 a.m. ET on March 24th- to 3:00a.m ET the following week. That is if they decide to keep it. Spring and Summer might bring program changes.
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