Which of these iconic Nineties shows actually started in the 1980s?

Try to place these premieres in the right decade!


Iconic shows like Full House, Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Seinfeld will forever be tied to the 1990s. It’s the decade when all these shows really hit their stride and became massive hits. But two out of those four actually started in the late 1980s.

It’s the same for teen shows like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Saved by the Bell or sci-fi series like Quantum Leap and The X-Files. All are associated with the Nineties but a few started the decade prior.

Here are 20 hit shows from the Nineties. Can you guess which ones actually premiered in the Eighties?

  1. When did this fan-favorite sitcom start?
  2. When did this small town crime show start?
  3. When did this iconic sci-fi show start?
  4. When did this family favorite start?
  5. When did this coming-of-age sitcom start?
  6. When did this Chuck Norris action series start?
  7. When did this show about nothing start?
  8. When did this Dick Van Dyke mystery series start?
  9. When did this sarcastic sitcom start?
  10. When did this Western start?
  11. When did this teen series start?
  12. When did this long-running animated favorite start?
  13. When did this Will Smith sitcom start?
  14. When did this high school sitcom start?
  15. When did this iconic sitcom start?
  16. When did this Fran Drescher favorite start?
  17. When did this time travel series start?
  18. When did this Tim Allen sitcom start?
  19. When did this Martin Lawrence sitcom start?
  20. When did this Neil Patrick Harris series start?

Which of these iconic Nineties shows actually started in the 1980s?

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CrumblyCrunchies 8 months ago
12 0f 20. Gee, didn't watch most of them
Dario 16 months ago
18 out of 20! 😁😁😁😁😁
jtacina 18 months ago
SEINFELD was the only one I missed. For some reason I thought that it premiered in January of 1990.
Moverfan 29 months ago
Watched Walker, Diagnosis: Murder, Doogie Howser and The Nanny. I've seen one episode of the X-Files (because Richard Belzer was a guest star), might have eventually discovered Family Matters if they hadn't brought in Urkle the jerk and wouldn't watch Friends if you paid me.
TheSentinel 30 months ago
Missed Doogie Howser and Seinfeld.
327053 30 months ago
Missed Diagnosis Murder and Home Improvement. Never watched those shows anyway.🥱
pumkinheadfan 30 months ago
18/20 I knew A Different World was the spin off of The Cosby Show, But didn't know 100% what year it started and I should've known Family Matters was 80's as well since Full House was as well. I remember watching them both on TGIF with Step by Step, Mr. Belvedere and even Dinosaurs! So frustrating...
327053 pumkinheadfan 30 months ago
I remember watching TGIF! That block of shows were amazing! When TV was the best!👍
MichaelSkaggs 30 months ago
I got 14/20. I was on a roll then missed three straight.
richardkel 30 months ago
17/20. Lots of guesses. Several of these were very close to the end of the80"s or beginning of the 90's.
grandpa5741 30 months ago
11/20 what the heck, I’m in my 60’s.😃
Muleskinner 30 months ago
14/20. That was a tough one! 😓
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