Were these videos games first released before or after 1982?

Which of these classic games are over 40 years old?


The year 1982 was a turning point for video games. Titles like Q*bert, Tron, Dig Dug and many more were released and the once niche activity was well on its way to becoming a pop culture phenomenon.

At home video game consoles were also hitting their stride in '82 as the Atari Video Computer System became the iconic Atari 2600.

Most well-known games came out in the mid-Eighties but a few famous franchises date back to the Seventies.

Here are 12 classic video games. Can you guess which ones came out before the landmark year 41 years ago and which ones came after?

  1. Pong
  2. Street Fighter
  3. Pac-Man
  4. The Legend of Zelda
  5. Space Invaders
  6. Donkey Kong
  7. Duck Hunt
  8. Asteroids
  9. Gauntlet
  10. Dragon's Lair
  11. Missile Command
  12. Mario Bros.

Were these videos games first released before or after 1982?

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KawiVulc 3 months ago
11/12... missed Gauntlet, not even sure I've ever heard of it. Pretty easy quiz for me, graduated HS in '81 & was in boot camp two weeks later which makes for a pretty good reference point in time.
tbrian 6 months ago
You got 11 out of 12

Missed on Donkey Kong. Man I miss some of these games.
CrumblyCrunchies 6 months ago
Played Pong on the machines in the bars on the Ginza in Yokosuka.
Keeperofpeace64 27 months ago
11/12. I did pretty good considering I'm not the gamer type..
Vamp13 27 months ago
Too much time at the arcade in the early 80s 12/12
grandpa5741 28 months ago
10/12 I blame my controller on the missed.🙃
RichLorn 28 months ago
These games weren't the earliest. I remember the very first video game in the 1950's. I would be on the couch watching my parents sit on the floor in front of the TV playing UNSCRAMBLE.
"Honey try the vertical hold".
"No damn it, let's try the horizontal hold again."
Keeperofpeace64 RichLorn 28 months ago
Lol, yea or having to go outside and turn the antenna pole to get better reception while your dad bangs on the wall from inside telling you when to stop..
LoveMETV22 28 months ago
like a MQ night ......... 🌳
Pacificsun 28 months ago
1/13/22 3:30pm I'll be right back here .... got interrupted, apologies!!
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LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 28 months ago
LOL Brady's and Their Bunch. It's the regular series. I saw that too.
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 28 months ago
I saw a similar article on sitcomsonline.
Confirms the yahoo story, mentions the Feb 13 plan, and says GI returns late Feb. The only difference between the two articles is the GI return in late Feb, and no "according to source".
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 28 months ago
Our friend never checked in this week. I always try on Fridays.
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 28 months ago
I know, I hope all is ok with our friend.
Jamesatkinson 28 months ago
9 correct wasn't as easy as I thought. 🤔😏
MrBill 28 months ago
11/12; missed the last one.
Steve67 28 months ago
11/12 , Missed Mario Bros.
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