Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers can name all these Seventies child stars in Adam-12

The classic cop show had sitcom stars, Disney kids and even a future Oscar winner.

Even though it was a dramatic and sometimes violent police procedural, kids often played important roles in Adam-12. Whether they were put in harm's way by suspects, or caused trouble and became the suspects themselves, Officers Reed and Malloy dealt with plenty of youngsters.

Here are 12 child stars in Adam-12 you likely recognize from other famous TV and movie roles. Can you name them all?

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  1. Which Brady Bunch actor is this?
  2. Which future Oscar winner is this?
  3. He wasn't a kid in Adam-12, but he's most famous for a sitcom role from ten years earlier.
  4. He played a rebellious teen in Adam-12 right before starring in the role that made him famous.
  5. Which Waltons star is this?
  6. Do you recognize this teenage TV star?
  7. Who is this sitcom star?
  8. She is the daughter of an Adam-12 actor.
  9. Who is this sitcom actor?
  10. Do you recognize this child star?
  11. He was in sitcoms and Westerns.
  12. She was part of a large sitcom family.

Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers can name all these Seventies child stars in Adam-12

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DocRockBap 1 day ago
With the Three I got wrong I should have went with my gut feeling because I saw all of them in their shows.
Oldielover 2 days ago
10/12....Missed #8 and #12....I'm just glad I finally got one right about a Walton family member! lol!
JD401 4 days ago
8/12... not a Boomer but not a Millennial...
Herbert 9 days ago
Did pretty well for my self!!
FatOlBroad 10 days ago
You got 11 out of 12
You cruised right through this quiz no problem. Great job!
Missed McCord's daughter. 😖
grandpa5741 11 days ago
8/12 it’s time for a reboot 😊
Martanrick1975 12 days ago
11/12 guessed wrong 😑 missed #12
arnoldbear14 12 days ago
I like the question is great 👍
RichLorn 13 days ago
9/12 "You cruised right through this quiz no problem."
What cruise? After the first speed bump I stumbled my way to the end, bobbing and weaving all the way.
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