Which Flintstones look is your favorite?

Pick your favorite stone age styles for each character.

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The iconic look of characters on The Flintstones is instantly recognizable to millions of fans around the world. Fred's blue tie, Wilma's pearls, Pebbles with a bone in her hair – all are peak fashion for the modern Stone Age.

But certain episodes brought new looks for the characters. Do you like their familiar, everyday appearance or do you like it when they switch things up? It’s your time to choose! Pick which looks you like best for these Flintstones characters.

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  1. Which is your favorite look for Fred?
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  2. Which is your favorite look for Wilma?
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  3. What is your favorite Pebbles outfit?
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  4. Which is your favorite Barney style?
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  5. Which Betty look is your favorite?
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  6. Dino wasn't always purple - which color suits him best?
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  7. Which stone age cowboy has the best look?
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  8. Which celebrity parody looks the best?
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  9. Which of these shady characters has the best look?
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Which Flintstones look is your favorite?

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markleee65 39 months ago
love this show i grew up watching and i hate its not going weeknights now !!!!!!! bring back bring back oh bring back some flintstones for us to shoot i mean to watch
Hogansucks1 45 months ago
Fred as Superstone(LMFAO), I never knew what or if they actually named his character that. Nowadays- I guess this is our New super Hero of 21st century, at least in 2020 ! 😂 GOD, Help Us !! 😚
idkwut2use 46 months ago
24%, deliberately choosing weird ones xD
Filmnoirfan 46 months ago
92% - never did that well in high school
Dario 46 months ago
92% similar! WOW!!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀
Hypestyles 46 months ago
Interesting. Shout out to Ann Margrock!
TheDavBow3 46 months ago
My favorite episode was with The Way Outs. I've been trying to watch for that. Also the one with The Beau Brummelstones. "Laugh, Laugh" is a great song!
daDoctah 46 months ago
As of this post, the three shady characters in the last question are running just about neck-and-neck-and-other-neck. Which is ironic because none of them *has* a neck.
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